Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn

Miranda Kerr posted a picture on her blog yesterday of her new baby Flynn. Awwwwww, how cute. Look how big it is. So precious. It's so soft and fatty, I could just kiss it forever. Her baby's cute too.

  • joe

    what do I read in your comments just Milky ways,.. lols

  • muffi

    waooooohh a boooby breast mirinda

    so hot n so soft hmmmm feel it !!!!!

  • tejas

    wow a great mother is here and original milk is here.

  • Anonymous

    sweet baby.........

  • rd

    so nice.......wish i was there..........:-(

  • what a breast

    milk milk milk !!

    booby milk milk !

  • pussy eater !

    you are such a pig asshole !

  • boob

    Wo my!

    Wish i was there!

    Would suck her titties till the last drop.

  • bbl


  • Hitman

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Sweet Yummy & Big Breasts she have.wana drink some Milk of her.

  • mathurajunghimali

    Congratulations to Miranda &Orlando for having sucha BeuatyfulBaby. they willbe great Parents.

  • crtb

    boy, you guys are such pigs

  • Zac

    Congratulations to Miranda and Orlando for having such a beautiful baby. They will be great parents.

  • GRiND365.com

    @Flynn - please share some milk!

  • Litsa

    I wish I was that kid. I'd suck both of them dry.

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