Jaime Pressly's mug shot

Here's Jaime Pressly's mug shot from her DUI arrest last night and, um, are we sure it was alcohol she was under the influence of? Pretty sure I saw that same face yesterday on a billboard that told me meth will destroy my dreams. But what if my dream is to get high?

  • Anonymous

    id hit it with sum good coke lines off her ass

  • Any Mouse

    In order to save herself, Jaime must return to her roots. She must return to trailer court life, which is clean and free from temptation and sin. This wild city life will ruin her.

  • Railman

    Meth? Nah, just great Coke.

  • Jethro

    This is what happens when a small town southern gal moves to sin city. She should have stayed with Earl. Bad companions, evil temptation and sinful yankees will ruin a good girl in no time.

  • Nick Manning

    I'd still hit it!

  • Anonymous

    clean sex in the marriage bed is the best sex.

  • Anonymous

    Its a sad thing to see a good girl gone bad, and under the influance of evil companions. Drink and drugs is not the answer.

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