Chris Brown leaving My Studio nightclub in Hollywood (1/10)

Chris Brown hit up My Studio nightclub in Hollywood after the Lakers/Knicks game last night, and he must have been drinking a lot of water, because he took a huge piss outside when he left. Maybe not the smartest thing to do, especially when you're still on probation. Also not the smartest thing to do: indoor skeet shooting. Seriously, that shit is scary.

NOTE: Thanks to Leena at for the picture. Have a bitchin' summer and don't ever change.

*2 Chris Brown pictures total in the gallery: 

  • Chris Brown Urinating 1
  • Chris Brown Urinating 2

  • Carole

    Anonymous ... if this is street class and an example of minority culture ... we are all in trouble! Don't include me in your assumptions!

  • Mackenzie hawkins

    Maybe he thought Rhianna was down there. We all know people are creatures of habit.

  • Anonymous

    Don't diss him. He has street class, and is very popular. We need to be more diverse and accepting of minority culture in our thinking.

  • patgraham3

    Sorry, pissing against a building has nothing to do with class, street or otherwise. There are tons of "street" folks who would not do that!! And there are preppy jocks who would do it in a minute.

    He is classless!!!

  • Hawk

    At least he's not beating on some poor girl.

  • cn

    what a piece of shit!

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