2010: The Year in Bikinis

Put together a little gallery (actually big, 164 pictures) of all the bikini pictures posted on Celebslam in 2010. For those of you doing the math at home, that's 328 boobs total . . . or 330 if you're double-counting those Rosie O'Donnell bikini pics from February. Her back fat does sorta look like an extra pair . . .

*164 bikini pictures pictures total in the gallery:

  • 2010 Bikini Review
  • January\: Yulia Voronin in Miami
  • January\: Carrie Prejean in Maui
  • January\: Ali Lohan in St. Barts
  • January\: Erin McNaught in Sydney
  • January\: Hayden Panettiere in Miami
  • January\: Karina Smirnoff in Turks and Caicos
  • January\: Lindsay Lohan in St. Barts
  • January\: Miranda Kerr in St. Barts
  • January\: Nicole Bahls in Rio de Janeiro
  • January\: Rebeca Gusmao in Brazil
  • January\: Rihanna in Cabo San Lucas
  • January\: Brooke Hogan in Miami
  • January\: Stacy Keibler in Miami
  • January\: Whitney Port in Miami
  • January\: Yulia Voronin in Miami
  • January\: Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan in St. Barts
  • January\: Nicole Bahls in Rio de Janeiro
  • February\: AnnaSophia Robb in Maui
  • February\: Blake Lively in Miami
  • February\: Charlotte Church in Dubai
  • February\: Jaimie Hilfiger in Malibu
  • February\: Jennifer Aniston in Cabo San Lucas
  • February\: Lorraine Nicholson in Oahu
  • February\: Paris Hilton in Brazil
  • March\: Belen Rodriguez in Miami
  • March\: Cheryl Burke in Miami
  • March\: Julie Bowen in Maui
  • March\: Kelly Bensimon in Miami
  • March\: Kelly Landry in Miami
  • March\: Kesha in Australia
  • March\: Kim Kardashian in Miami
  • March\: Sarah Hyland in Maui
  • March\: Serena Williams in Miami
  • March\: Shauna Sand in Miami
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  • Avalon

    Good year for the beachs but , over all, I say

    Nicole Bahls-Belen Rodriguez-Denise Richards and naturally Megan Fox!

  • danu


  • GRiND365.com

    Sweet compilation!!! lol

  • Litsa

    Those pics are whackfest material

  • Joseph

    LOL. I think I know what 80% of these chicks need. http://goarticles.com/article/...

  • bappi

    katy perry has such a gorgeous body

  • Puh lease

    Third girl on the first row (black bikini) -- I think her name is Belen Rodriguez.

    What. A. Body! The bitch is super skinny but she has some softness to her body and if it wasn't for the butterfly tattoo I'd say it's absolutely flawless.

  • Anonymous

    Either Jenn Anniston, or the one with big boobs.

  • asfdl

    The lesbian girl from 90210.

  • Kevin

    I got to go with Brooklyn Decker

  • Jurgen R. Brul

    Greetings loved ones,

    California girls,

    They are unforgettable,

    Daisy dukes, bikinis on top!

    Sunkissed skin,

    So hot they will melt popsicles!

    Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!

    California girls Please Stay Healthy,

    Jurgen R. Brul

  • Sam

    Speaking of Bikinis, did anybody ever determine if Stephanie Seymour is getting it on sexually with her 16 year old son?

  • Anonymous

    Its really difficult to choose, but if I had too, I would say Hedai Montag.

  • Hawk

    It was a very good year.

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