Victoria Beckham leaving Claridges Hotel in London (11/9)

OK, not really. But she does think she's become a parody of herself. Multimillionaire fight! *throws Google stock certificates at each other* Via Celebuzz:
Victoria's brand is celebrated for its elegant robes and classic styles, and the designer isn't sure about celebrities such as Lady Gaga who opt for wacky outfits. Nevertheless, the glamorous star does admire the kooky singer's ability to don such high heels when she's traveling.

"I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports. I mean, goodness, people think I dress up to go to an airport! I think she's really doing her thing. That's her," Victoria told WWD.

"If I'm being completely honest, is it fair to say she may have become a little bit of a parody of herself? Is that fair to say?"
It's ironic that Victoria Beckham thinks Lady Gaga's turned into a parody of herself. Especially when she looks more and more like "UK Accent Barbie" every day (bolt-on tits, 24-inch waist). As it turns out, Victoria could actually learn a thing or two about improving one's appearance from Lady Gaga. Step 1. Women sometimes look better with a little meat on their bones (see here).

*10 Victoria Beckham pictures total in the gallery:

  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 1
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 2
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 3
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 4
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 5
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 6
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 7
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 8
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 9
  • Victoria Beckham Lady Gaga Slam 10

[Pacific Coast News]
  • Cash

    Didn't she used to have tits? Did they become a parody of themselves too?

  • yeahandalso

    I love Gaga but kind of agree with Posh to be honest...I prefered the club kid crazy style of Poker Face and Just Dance but lately Gaga seems to feel the need to be in head to toe costumes 24/7 and really it just distracts from her talent.

  • Anonymous

    I think Lady Gaga is the best! She's an original she takes my breath away, even though I am a thirteen year old female. I wouldn't mind meeting Lady Gaga!!! But I think Victoria is just jealous that Lady Gaga gets more fame than her with her awesome costumes and breath taking music videos!

  • Anne

    It is so good to know that our younger generation appreciate Lady GaGa's talent and beauty. She is perhaps the greatest entertainer in past 100 years.

  • Norman

    I guess this explains why Victoria always looks so miserable and unhappy all the time. Her thought process reflects her dulling and motionless facial expressions.

  • Hawk

    So, Victoria is capable of talking about something besides herself.


  • Anonymous

    Vickie is saving the planet one calorie at a time. She consumes little. She is very green and knows what a horrible thing global climate change will be.

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