Miranda Kerr nude in W

Miranda Kerr appears nude in the December issue of W magazine, and with my awesome photoshop skills (original picture here - NSFW), you can't even tell she's seven months pregnant. Yes I realize some feminists may call me a disgusting pig for this, but to that I say-- wait a minute, isn't that the oven timer going off? You might want to get that . . .

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*2 Miranda Kerr nude pictures total in the gallery:

  • Miranda Kerr Nude Pregnant 1
  • Miranda Kerr Nude Pregnant 2
  • GRiND365.com

    So sharp that you'll love it!

  • Gdrive

    OMG you cut off her hand! She sure is pumping the vitamin D

  • Bubba

    It is a awesome thing when a hot babe gets herself knocked up. Her breasts and bod are smoking.

  • Whorrible

    I'm not normally a nipple guy, but those things look fantastic. I'm super jealous of that kid.

  • Litsa

    Holy crap! Those are nipple-licious. I would suck on those till I fell asleep.

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