Jessica Alba nude cell phone pics!

Yes, I've always wanted to see Jessica Alba nude, but not in the context of her taking pictures of her pregnant belly. I don't know, there's just something about pregnancy that's so gross and unnatural and . . . fat. That's why I think hot chicks like Jessica should get their babies exclusively via adoption from China. What, they're good enough to make your shoes and electronics, but not your babies? Typical Hollywood elitist attitude. It disgusts me.

UPDATE: The pics not showing her face are definitely her. Check out the hat hanging on the door in this picture (NSFW) and then check out this picture. She really freaking loves that hat.

NOTE: To see the uncensored Jessica Alba nude cell phone pictures, click any thumbnail with a yellow star on it and then click the "Full Size" button located at the top or bottom of the image.

*11 Jessica Alba nude cell phone pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Jessica Alba Nude Cell Phone 1
  • Jessica Alba Nude Cell Phone 2
  • Jessica Alba Nude Cell Phone 3

  • Jeetjeet90

    who ever posted the stupid ass caption under the pic needs to think before they talk. seriously, its so fuckin stupid idk what else to say besides u need ur ass beat

  • ummm

    she never did nudity when younger - there is one move she supostly shows her boobs, but you never see her face and the boobs in the same frame, and its a proven fact now that they used a body double for those scenes cuz she wouldnt do it.

    as for these pics.. theres no proof if there fake or real..

  • Anonymous

    She's gorgeous I love you Jessica Alba!!! sexy!!!!! ♥ ♥

  • Anonymous

    nada demais!

  • David Heyd

    Ya look at the nose,eyes.This is not Jessica Alba,she does have a few nude photos out though when she was just starting out.Jessica also has alot different looking breasts.

  • jack

    Pregnancy only makes beautiful women even more beautiful.

  • Eleanor

    That's not a c-section scar. I'm pretty sure she had her appendix removed as a child. How cute is she pregnant? Just adorable.

  • anon

    she did a movie when she was younger and you could see her boobs in that.

    pregnant women are beautiful. end of.

    and who cares if shes naked, most of them document her little preg belly. they were for her personal eyes.

    i don't think she would intentionally leak these photos she has a wonderful body anyway and i loved her in Dark Angel.

    why so much hate.

  • Anonymous

    fuck all ya bitches

  • robynne

    thats not a mole, thats a scar from her belly button piercing. douches.


    Waiting has finally paid off!

  • Herman Bumfudle

    lol! doggy shorts.

  • Anonymous

    I like how your proof that they are real is a hat that I don't know how many people own

  • anonymous

    if that's not jessica alba someone did their homework. her body matches JA's in a lot of areas.

  • Me

    You guys are complete RETARDS! That is not Alba while she does look very much like her IT IS NOT HER!!

  • Yeah

    See an ophthalmologist.

  • snow

    mole to the right of her belly button. most of her professional shots are photoshopped too to remove "blemishes" like moles.

  • joe

    The pregnant pictures are fake, they are not her, this woman has a mole to the right of her belly button, jessica alba does not, and who the heck hangs there hats on the bathroom door. Cmon ppl this is a setup

  • kyle

    hey, I have waited years to see Alba somehow slip up and get some actual naked photos online.

    so she is pregnant here....

    it still counts!!!

    I can still masturbate to them.

  • sandie

    what are those lines? it looks as if she had a baby before, like the cesarean nasty scar.

  • guy kawasaki

    your an idiot

  • Anonymous


    It's the imprint lines from her boxer shorts that she pulled down...

  • Hawk

    Are you sure these aren't just some pics that Robert Rodruiguez digitally manipulated to make her look nude?

  • Anonymous

    i thought the same thing... since these are out, why not show the goodies since the rest of internet has seen the boobage.

  • Anonymous

    Well hey.... now that nudes are out, maybe she will consider actually showing something in a movie. She is one who worries about her looks, and she probably wants to redeem herself from those pictures.

    Id still hit it.

  • anonymous

    been waiting for her to do it since her career is on a downward slope. luckily robert rodriguez still casts her for movies when she blows him

  • Gdrive

    her career had an upslope?

  • Jessica Who?

    and she's still nothing special...

  • Anonymous

    Pregnant women are fucking gorgeous. get over your fantasy of a perfectly shaped woman because that is all that it is, a fantasy. Jessica Alba is a gorgeous woman and I am happy for her to be experiencing the miracle of birth. I am perfectly disgusted that people are so engrossed with seeing her naked. She is a women just like half the world. We all have the same parts. Enjoy human individuality. We come in all shapes and sizes and each and everyone of us is beautiful in their own way. If you can't deal with that, get the fuck off the planet because your sexist ideals are uncalled for.

  • Whorrible

    You sound fat. And ugly.

  • Fuck you

    And you sound ignorant and asinine

  • CN

    the pics would be hot if she wasn't so fat

  • Gdrive

    Yet the pics prob wouldn't be online if she wasn't post preggers. Small price we pay

  • Bubba

    Pregnant and lactating women are red hot and sexy.

  • guy kawasaki

    I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god

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