The lucky tattoo in question

If you're an expert in the art of tattoo removal, you might want to send Eva Longoria your business card. She wants to erase all memories of her marriage to Tony Parker ASAP. From the Chicago Sun Times:
The “Desperate Housewives” star has been checking out the best Hollywood tattoo removal experts, who will be able to carefully laser away those inked memories of soon-to-be-ex-husband Tony Parker.

In Longoria’s case that includes “erasing” the “Nine” tattoo on the back of her neck (Parker’s number on the San Antonio Spurs) plus the 7/7/07 (in Roman numerals) on the inside of her right wrist — marking the couple’s wedding date.

"And to think Eva was so ecstatic about getting married on such a lucky date," quipped an associate of the actress who works on her long-running hit TV show.
Instead of having it inked on her wrist, Eva should have had that "777" tattoo painted just above her cooch. Why? Because now that she's filed for spousal support from Tony, that slot's going to pay out like she hit a Vegas jackpot.

*15 Eva Longoria tattoo pictures total in the gallery:

  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 1
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 2
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 3
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 4
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 5
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 6
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 7
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 8
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 9
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 10
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 11
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 12
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 13
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 14
  • Eva Longoria Tattoo Removal 15
  • I think it will be better in the long run because Eva Longoria don't want to be 75 with wrinkly tattoos all over. There are some creams but they don't usually don't work.

  • mari

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  • Anonymous

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  • Tanya

    Anonymous, now you're just pulling info out of your fat ugly ass.

  • Anonymous

    You must be a product of the public school system.

  • Anonymous

    Ungratful border bit@h. She should be paying spousal support to poor Tony. Tony now knows what I learned 'Stay Away From Border Bit@hs'.

  • master yoda

    Here's a better idea: don't get them in the first place, as they instantly transform you into trash.

    Until someone can honestly say: "My, what an elegant tatoo" don't do it.

    Just draw on yourself with a ballpoint pen. It's cheaper, doesn't hurt, and in a few days when you realize how stupid you look, you can easily wash it off.

  • Hawk

    A little medium grit sandpaper should do the trick...

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