Dina Lohan continues to amaze

So I guess Dina Lohan is against Lindsay reconciling with her dad Michael because she thinks he's just trying to use her to get famous. Oh. The irony. The fact that we even know who the hell Dina Lohan is means she's capitalized on Lindsay's fame. For example, name Katy Perry's mom. Exactly. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Dina Lohan, vehemently opposed to a Michael-Lindsay reconnection, has refused to join in any counseling sessions at Betty Ford where he was present. "Dina just knows that Michael will always be out to just promote Michael," said a Dina pal Saturday. "She got even more suspicious when she heard Michael already was pitching a film project to Lindsay that he would help produce. ... This is just another way he's trying to capitalize on Lindsay's fame."
Dina's accusing Michael of trying to capitalize on Lindsay's fame? Frankly, it's a little surprising that an attention whore like Dina didn't make this announcement through her publicist while on her own self-produced reality show. The reality is that if Dina were to leech any more off of her daughter, she'd have to change her last name to Federline.

*12 Dina Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Anu

    Dina should get long counseling on her own - she is such an unpleasant wrong thinking person.

  • Fred

    Good point. Look to the pics on your right. Name Kristen Stewart's mom. Name Reese Witherspoon's mom. Of course in Dina's defense, neither of those girls is as much of a eff-up as Lilo.

  • Daniella

    What Dina is saying and what she has always said is that it's OK for me to leech off of you Lindsay but, 'NO Way In Hell' will I let your father do the same thing! Lindsay needs to break away from her mother even more then her father and she needs to learn how to say NO to both of them.

  • Anonymous

    Mother knows best. Dina is a typical L.I. mother interested in her childs welfare.

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