Sarah Shahi bikini pictures!

Celebslam personal-favorite Sarah Shahi is on vacation in Dubai this week. She was nice enough to post some bikini pics on her twitter, but I'm still sort of annoyed at her. How the hell am I supposed to collect her hair for my Sarah doll when she's 8,000 miles away? Thanks a lot Miss Inconsiderate!

*3 Sarah Shahi bikini pictures total in the gallery:

  • Sarah Shahi Bikini Pics 1
  • Sarah Shahi Bikini Pics 2
  • Sarah Shahi Bikini Pics 3
  • elaine weber

    Who really cares what Iran or Pakistan allows or disallows. They are so far behind the times and what Country mutilates their women and stones them to death? Get a life and learn to take care of yourselves!

  • Sharmota_Kaskos

    " She would not be allowed to dress like that in Iran, or Pakistan so baby come to us here in " Egypt " "

  • Anonymous, this time

    Speaking of the Prophet - and I won't because I don't want to be beheaded by idiots still mentally bound to the middle ages, all Celebslammers should do a read of and see what Mohammed was really all about. And 1.25 billion folks worship the guy... Sigh...

  • Anonymous

    The Prophet, blessed be his name, would not approve of her immodest costum. She would not be allowed to dress like that in Iran, or Pakistan.

  • anonymous

    looks great for just having a kid.

  • haterade

    she is a MILF of the highest order

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