Christina Hendricks is not dieting

Relax all you chubby chasers, Christina Hendricks is not planning on taking up exercise and healthy eating anytime soon. From Fox:
Christina Hendricks fans can relax. Despite reports to the contrary, the curvaceous star isn’t going on a diet anytime soon. Fans of the “Mad Men” star were recently shocked to read a report from the UK’s Daily Mail that the voluptuous beauty wanted to drop 35 pounds to fit in better with Hollywood’s crop of svelte stars. According to the Mail’s report, Hendricks had cut out carbs and alcohol after getting sick of all the talk of her being the curviest woman in Hollywood. But the sexy star tells that she is “completely happy” with her body.

“I’m not dropping 35 pounds,” she said, as she was shocked to learn about the report.
This is outrageous -- Christina doesn't need to lose 35 pounds. If she lost around 31 pounds and got her chin done and maybe a boob lift and just a little bit of collagen injected into her upper lip, she'd be totally fine just the way she is. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of these unrealistic body standards in Hollywood. What kind of message are we sending our children? 35 pounds! Outrageous!

*7 Christina Hendricks pictures total in the gallery:

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • Author is a fag

    Hey shitdick, heterosexual men like women with tits and ass.

    Hendricks needs to stay exactly the same, and American women should aspire to be like here.

    Dont let jealous anorexic bitches and queens tell you how to look.

    Birthing hips and big, plentiful child-feeding breasts turn us on.

  • Sue

    Troll and I think you're the same guy posting over and over again. Get out of the basement mama's boy.

  • Paul

    She is using up and wasting the earth's resources. She is contributiting to man made climate change and the death of millions of innocent people. She is not green and doesn't even try. She probably eats enough for three, and needs to loose at least 50 pounds in order to lower her gigantic carbon footprint.

    Bad Bad Christina

  • Brian

    Paul are a raging homo...go drown yourself in a river and lower the Earths carbon footprint you gay eco douche bag.

  • The Brain

    She is one FINE looking woman!!!!

  • v4vendetta14

    She just needs to hang out with the Kardashian sisters. She'll look tiny in comparison.

  • NeNe

    I think she has a kick ass body. She has curves in all the right places. Why mess with perfection, Christina??

  • Mike

    Given her figure, she could probably gain 10-15 or lose 30-40 and it wouldn't be a problem.

  • Danny

    She'd also need to get her bunions removed. And actually, I think 35 wouldn't be quite enough.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dan for letting everyone know your a homo....well done gay boy.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe someone should remove your head so that you lose some weight too... judging by your comment, your head probably weighs much more than 35 lbs. It is idiots like you that have women feel like if they don't have bodies like little boys than they aren't thin enough. Is that what you really like?? Women who look like little boys?

  • Anonymous

    your an ass

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