Autumn Reeser at the 6th annual "Pink Party" held at Drai's nightclub in Hollywood (9/25)

There's only one thing in this world I hate more than bad tippers: the Alternative Minimum Tax. GRRRRR, I HATE IT SO DAMN MUCH! From the National Enquirer:
Here's a tip for "Entourage" co star Autumn Reeser, who plays a conniving agent on the show: If you're going to be cheap, at least don't be cheesy! When Autumn exited swanky Montage hotel in Beverly Hills, the valet brought her car around, but was stunned when the star-instead of tipping with something he could take to the bank-whipped out a one-episode DVD of "Entourage" and gushed graciously: "Gosh, I hope you like the show-it's all I have on me. But it's a GREAT episode!" Then she jumped in her car and sped off. (Print Edition - 10/4)
Sorry Autumn, the only DVD a guy wants with you in it is one where you're naked and mute. The sad part about this story is that this chick obviously doesn't realize that valets make their living off of tips -- otherwise she'd be carrying around a purse rather than her portfolio. The next time Autumn wants something for free, she should do what every beautiful woman in Hollywood does when they want something without working for it -- get married.

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  • crtb

    Give her benefit of the doubt: Just maybe she got caught with no money on her that day and didn't want to leave him with nothing. I know that has happened to me. I take my credit card not thinking that I'll need cash and get caught short.

  • Elaine

    Look at her toes. Christ. no more open toes Autumn. She could climb a tree!

  • timtim

    Or if she really doesn't wanna work hard she could just change her name to Kardashian and learn how to take a "golden shower"

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