Michael Lohan and a bartender at Hogs and Heifers in New York (9/15)

It's already well established that Michael Lohan is attracted to his two daughters (see here, here, and here), so it really comes as no surprise that he's hitting on bartenders that look like Lindsay. What is surprising is that a woman with such large breasts whose living depends on tips would be wearing such a low-cut shirt. I mean, geesh, it seems like her boobs are almost about to fall out of her top. Didn't anyone tell her?

*3 photos total in the gallery:

  • Michael Lohan Lindsay Bartender Lookalike 1
  • Michael Lohan Lindsay Bartender Lookalike 2
  • Michael Lohan Lindsay Bartender Lookalike 3
[Pacific Coast News]
  • jamesmartes

    The bar tender girl is SUPER - I'd like to adopt her

  • Jeff

    She doesn't look like his daughter. It's not creepy.

    How much does this woman look like his exwife?

  • Rob

    You get made fun of if you dress that way in that place (or any place for that matter). Rightfully so.

  • Anonymous

    Wow next you will be saying Joan Rivers looks like "Milk-a-what" also.

  • kjih-tv

    Ew, you DO realize he's 50 and not married, don't you? Besides being a mediawhore dirtbag.


  • anonymous

    looks nothing like linds. does lindsay even smile anymore?

  • James

    That bartender is hot. I hope we get to see more of her.

  • Guy LeDouche

    she's hotter than linds

  • Carlos

    If you think she looks like Lindsay now, just wait until you see her head bobbing up and down on Michael's lap.

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