JWoww’s getting $400k from Playboy

JWoww in all her silicone glory

When I first heard JWoww was posing for Playboy, my first thought was, “Good for her, she can definitely use an extra 500 bucks.” Turns out I was way off. From Radar:

… there is a $400,000 offer from the mag for the Jersey Shore star to pose naked. We’ve also learned that the deal is not final and may face contractual obstacles from the reality TV show.

“Talks have been going on for a long time now and the highest offer she has received is $400,000,” revealed our source.

Wow, talk about overplaying your hand. Paying JWoww $400k to show her tits is like paying $75k for an ’89 Honda Accord. Pretty sure she would have done it for a t-shirt and keychain. Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s already shown her tits for a t-shirt and keychain. People in Cancun are probably still talking about her Spring Break trip there in ’05.


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September 22, 2010 - 8:00 am