Brooklyn Decker is fairly attractive

Poor Brooklyn Decker. She says she doesn't have the right body for runway modeling. I swear, voluptuous bikini models like Brooklyn and my girlfriend have it so rough in life. *sigh* From the New York Post:
Brooklyn Decker, the luscious blond wife of tennis champ Andy Roddick, knows she's not anorexic enough, or grungy enough, to be a runway model. "I have boobs. I'm very all-American," she tells Page Six Magazine, which is coming free with The Post Tuesday.

"I wasn't edgy. Plus, I'd walk in and be like, 'Hey guys!' with a big smile on my face. And they'd be like, 'You are not cool. You are too nice' . . . But funnily enough, the second I started accepting that this is who I am, I started working a ton."
Brooklyn just can't stop talking about her boobs -- and she isn't the only one. Those things are more perfect than a morning sunrise, child's laugh, and clean bill of health from your doctor after a sleepover at Paris Hilton's house. Unfortunately, Brooklyn is wrong about one thing: she isn't your typical "All-American" girl. That distinction now goes to Kirstie Alley. Screw you fast food industry.

*15 Brooklyn Decker pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Natalie

    With that nose - she's luck she has those tits.


  • hel

    i do think her boobs are real. i also get what she is saying, you never see her dressed. i bet there are a lot of american women that look like this undressed, but dressed you guys would consider them heavy. she is actually quite large and healthy, all-american:) its just the lumpy large women we don't like not the smooth flowing ones like her.

  • Amanabouttown

    Boobs smoobs. Big boobs are a dime a dozen. Its her marvelous armpits I am looking at. She has two of the hottests sexiest looking underarms I have ever seen. I wonder if they are real sensetive?

  • Boobologist

    real: here they are while unsupported. clearly you can see lack of perkiness (which would've been present had they been enhanced)

  • ?

    I see maybe 1/4" of breast below the natural crease. Fairly typical of implants...or someone without implants while wearing a bra. Those aren't real.

  • Anonymous

    She has two of the sexiest armpits I have seen in years.


    I'll give her a 10 for her underarms!

  • dude

    Fake bolt-on tits, and she has the nerve to brag that her boobs are part of her 'natural weight'. Skanky whore.

  • Leo

    You are not familiar with boobs are you? Those are clearly real. Fake boobs don't sag like that. Fake ones are usually very stiff and protruding. Just because you are a guy and too ugly to get one who is naturally big, or a girl who is merely jealous, does not mean that every girl with big boobs has implants.

  • My girl is a DD...

    I dunno Leo. I am VERY familiar with boobs, and I don't think hers are real. Good job, yes. Real? No...

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