Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas out and about in Studio City (8/9)

Goodbye purity ring, hello hot sweaty sex. Joe Jonas' impure thoughts about his girlfriend Ashley Greene may have finally got the best of him. From Life & Style:
Life & Style’s Scene Queens can reveal that Joe Jonas, who’s been dating Twilight star Ashley Greene since July, is no longer wearing his purity ring. The silver band “promises to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure till marriage,” Joe has said.

Ashley and Joe have spotted together all over this summer: from kissing in Newark, NJ to grabbing coffee together in LA. While Joe has been linked to other Disney cuties Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, Ashley’s been seen with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill, Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and actor Ian Somerhalder. But the forecast looks good for this duo: “When they’re not traveling, they’re basically living together,” a friend of the couple tells the Scene Queens.
If you consider the fact that there isn't a man on Earth who could resist Ashley Greene, it's really not that surprising that Joe's no longer wearing his purity ring. Saying "no" to sex with Ashley is probably harder than I am right now looking at her pictures. Besides, if Joe really wanted to save himself for marriage, he would have dated a celebrity whose advances are apparently easier to reject: like Jennifer Aniston. 

*22 Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas pictures total in the gallery:

  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 1
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 2
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 3
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 4
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 5
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 1
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 2
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 3
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 4
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 5
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 6
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 7
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 8
  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 9
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  • Ashley Greene Jonas Brother 15
  • Kelli

    When you and your brothers look that google just go ahead and bang whoever because trist me we want it.

  • TheInsider

    The Jonas Brothers may be sellouts because honestly with their looks, how could they stay pure? (and the fact that men are fueled by their sex drive) Kevin doens't matter he's married - but Nick is gorgeous with amazing talent and Joe is dangerously sexy with an amazing body. What girl wouldn't hook up with them? I never really believed they hyp. It was all just an act it is DISNEY for gods sake, they have an image to protect.

    & Sex is something that is normal and apart of human nature. Yes maybe 200 years ago when everyone was marrying young it was a doable thing but now some people don't even get married and why would someone want to not enjoy sex.

    I know I would never keep myself from doing somthing that gave me pleasure and just because The JoBros are celebs doens't mean they should.

    & If Joe wanted Ashley (god only knows why) then he could have her - my opinnion is that she's an ugly slut, but I give her props if she hooked up with Ian Somerhalder - that boy is smokin!


  • keep-on-dreamin-dudes

    u idiot. cole is like 5 inches. dylan is nearly a foot.

  • dsprousefan


  • dsprouse

    yo ppl. gota problem with joe and ashley. she's a slut. tried flirting with me. cole thinks she's hot. hot my ass. plain ugly. the royal disney snoots watch everythin i do so i cant cuss much. cole does anyway. so do i just not on the web. nick and kevin hate her but they dont tell joe that. he brings her on the set of suite life all the time. shes a fan of phill. shes even on one of the episodes but i cant remember the efin name. srsly. i hate the whore. shes bisexual. took an interest in demi lovato. dont go gettin ideas dudes. she is a fuckin slut. shutthefuck up guy with the rly long name, i totally agree. see ya. or not. not got any time for crappy shit like this but hi to all my fans. dont judge me by this comment. im just human.

  • Shutthefuckupcosimnottellinyou

    Ashley Greene is a fuckin slut who'd do anything to get someone inside her. I'm not that religious but Joe made a promise to god and he broke it. And whoever says Kevin is gay is a fucking fag themselves. The only brother who has any chance of being gay is the fucking manwhore Joseph. Nick is cool though. I bet Joe wasn't a virgin in the first place but Disney forced him into wearing one. And just for the record ASHLEY GREENE IS A FUCKING RETARDED BITCH WHORE SLUTTY FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! SHE MADE A PURE GUY FUCK HER. I WANNA KILL HER RIGHT NOW! SHE BETTER NOT HAVE A BODYGUARD! AND ANYBODY DISSING PURITY RINGS, DID YOU KNOW THAT LOADS OF FUCKING TOUGH GUYS WEAR EM SECRETLY, EH? DON'T SEE YOU CALLING THEM FAGS, MAYBE IT'S COS UR FRAID U'LL GET THE CRAP BEATEN OUTTA YA! AND B4 U DARE SAY IT! NO THE HELL I AM NOT GAY OK FUCKTARDS!

  • WuldYuAllShutUp

    First of all none of you are in bed with ashlee or joe or know them personally so you have no idea who's sleepin with who. ITS ALL SPEC

    I agree with the Disney Sell-Outtedness,they were lookin for the quickest way to get famous...

    But Joe probably was hearing from newly deflowered Kevin the joys of fornication and experimented with the OPPOSITE sex, Ashlee.

    He clearly wanted the world to know n talk about it or else he wouldnt have forgot to wear a ring he's worn since God Knows(no pun intended)...

    And we don't need to preach abstinence anymore its useless!!! Thats always been the chant and how has that worked out for Bristol, Jamie-Lynn, MTV ratings and 30% of every high school. Teach SAFE sex, they're gonna do it anyway.

  • Meg

    Ok, let me say this and get it off my chest. Three things about Joe and Ashley:

    1. Joe is gay

    2. The relationship is PR

    3. He look like he's not into her and they are rumors that he has a boyfriend.

    So girls, wake up! The only reason he is so-call "dating" these girls so he won't lose his career and Disney will be in hot water if they find out he is gay.

  • nikeoutlet

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  • JackWillsLover

    All you Ashley fans who are saying she could do better - actually no she couldn't.

    She's a rather sleazy little tramp who's willing to open her legs to anyone, be they man, woman or Klingon.

    Joe Jonas is a philanthropist who's given so much to charity and done loads to help people. Ashley? Self indulgent brat.

    I know that people are all 'ohhhh hes 21 he cn do wht he wantzzzz leeve him aloneeeeeeee' but the point is, by hitting that he's broken a promise to God. I'm not sure I can respect him after that.

  • There Goes The Neighborhood(Im

    Exactly. Ashley Greene is a slutty tramp. He broke a promise to God! How could he? I agree with you 110%.

  • Strange_Dog

    What the f is wrong with Joe's thighs?

  • Smyla

    OMG !!! Ashley dated Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder and is now with Joe Jonas ???

    She's got much cuter Twilight stars to date !!!

    And you really wanna tell me nothing happened between Joe and Camilla Belle, his longest relationship ??? That's really hard to believe !!!

    Personally, all this ring business is a big fa├žade for some (not all). It gives people something to talk about, and that's what they want !!!

    It's a respectful thing for some people, and some (who knows how many!!!) are just being hypocrites. Being honest is better !!!

    We're human, not perfect !!!

  • Brandon

    I'm amazed how quickly this news spread. I just pray that the rumors aren't true! I think the Jonas brothers were such a great example to today's youth. I hope somebody can step up and continue to support sexual purity.

    Purity Rings

  • Eric Shinn

    Joe lost the purity ring way before dating Ashley! I think it was around the time he met Martin Barlan!

  • kjih

    All complaints about my post/rant can be sent to:

  • Rebecca

    Leave Joe alone, Kevin's not wearing his purity ring, so why should Joe? HE'S A MAN OF 21 AND HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS AND DATES WHOMEVER HE WANTS! IT'S HIS LIFE , YOU KNOW! I REALLY DON'T CARE WHO HE DATES ANYWAY! and besides. demi says she's moved on from joe, good for her! they're free to date whomever they want!Just be happy for them, darn it!

  • KJIH-TV Media

    I mean this in a nice way:

    Screw you, Rebecca.

    The Jonas are a bunch of marginally-talented, phony SELL OUTS.

    They were perpetually flying under the radar (a bunch of small venues and "why aren't these boys famous yet?!" lamenting), that _was_ until The Walt Disney Company spotted them and saw their (at-that-time) genuinue wholesomeness as a way to make $$$... LOTS of $$$.

    So what did Disney do? Why, they offered these boys maximum exposure via the Disney WHORE SpinMachine [tm]... but at a cost. Yep. They SOLD OUT and _knew_ they'd have to dance to Disney's LAME tune. Fluffy CCCCCCRAP like 'Camp Rock' and PHONY things like... *mocking voice*: "Purity Rings!"

    Lame. That's why they aren't 1/10 the SHIT that actually made HANSON popular in the mid-1990's. 3 siblings who DIDN'T _sell_ _out_ to a bloody cold, money-grubbing corporation.

    They're sick fucks, the three of them and I wish them a _lifetime_ of professional and probably personal misery for their decision

    Besides, Kevin's a fag (and I'm actually a homosexual and I'm willing to use the word in a deragotory way!). He's got himself a Disney _beard_. How pathetic can you get?

    And, _that_, my friends is WHY I don't like those phony, sell out Jonas boys. (:

    But I wish them well.

  • Lawrence

    Spoken like someone who truly knows shit!.

  • Becs

    :') your post amused me greatly!

    but wooaaahh... hey now, nick's not that bad! that boy's got talent!

    but yeah, they did sell out. majorly.

    and to Rebecca, who said Kevin wasn't wearing his purity ring... uh, he's married, honey.

    also, joe jonas = manwhore.

    i love the guy, but come on, how many girls is he going to "date"?

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