Snooki's mug shot

Here's Snooki's mug shot from her arrest for drunken disorderly conduct last Friday. So freaking hot. Perhaps the cruelest thing about being Snooki isn't that you're as orange as Fanta or wider than you are tall, it's that you now have tens of thousands of dollars in your checking account, but you can't reach an ATM.

*2 photos total in the gallery:
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  • Snooki Mug Shot 2
  • dasiy

    thats funny..

    if u like jersey shore

    check out DJ vanzetti

    google him or youtube..

    hes got some good songs

  • bark

    Wow thanks mtv for unleashing this hobgoblin on the pop culture scene. Im realy diggin those wrinkles, and the last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.

  • Celeste

    Who the Hell does Snooki thinks she is?

    #1 a dog. Like the rest of the so called celebrities. They get away with anything.

    let it be you or I we'ed go for our lungs . In fees n stuff. they get a slap on the wrist .

  • Anonymous

    What.s Dead Angelina White Vinny That Snooki Whas mead A bout Here

  • SpoiledStarComenter

    Who the hell is Snookie? Who the hell cares??

  • Anonymous

    Her lips crack me up!!! This chick is ugly!!!


    what a fat disgusting burn prostitute it disgustes me have to look at this ugly BEAASSTT !!!!! .. KILL URE SELF... LOVE YAH

  • Me

    Hey Anonymous,

    You have smoked too much crack. This chick is a train wreck. Hopefully she's smart enough to put her money in the bank so when this gig is over, she can survive. However, something tells me she probably isn't and has spent all of the money she's received so far on trucker hats, expensive purses, sunglasses, shoes and booze. But I guess being on the Jersey Shore is better than picking fruits and vegetables in Chile.

  • Anonymous

    wow.. hatin hard on the snookster, but lets be 100% honest, she is kinda hot in a different kind of way. saying she is fanta orange or wider than she is tall is just b.s. written by a hater... sure she acts rediculous but shes a TV character on MTV. Obviously shes not being herself 100% on television shes hustling the viewers and MTV by acting extra ridiculous. I heard shes gonna make over 1 million this year. Laugh all you want, call her untalented and stupid, but bottom line is she is not only rich and doing an excellent job of riding her 15 minutes of fame as long as possible, she IS actually pretty. Look at her mugshot she actually looks good Ive seen supermodel mugshots that look MUCH worse. plus, shes only like 5'1 and TV (especially widescreen) adds extra weight to anyone. In person shes actually pretty damn hot! Hot rich and not very smart! The american dream so hate away all you want!

  • TJ

    Snooki is under constant contol from The Mothership. She was sent to America to influence our culture.

  • Wait What?

    This is one UGLY chick!

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