Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits in Beverly Hills on Thursday

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits were both arrested late Friday night in Las Vegas -- Cy on suspicion of DUI and Paris on felony cocaine possession. The poor little butterfly. I the mean police didn't scare her too badly. From :
Police Officer Marcus Martin  said the motorcycle officer pulled the Escalade over on Las Vegas Boulevard after noticing smoke that smelled like marijuana. Police later found a substance in Hilton's purse that tests showed to be cocaine, Martin said. He didn't say how much of the drug was found.

Both were booked into the Clark County jail, where Martin said Hilton was released without bail about 2:45 a.m. Saturday.
TMZ adds:
Sources who have spoken with Paris since her arrest on the Vegas strip late last night tell TMZ ... she insists the purse -- with what we're told contained a small amount of cocaine -- was not hers.

As we first reported, she's hired powerful Vegas lawyer David Chesnoff to handle the case ... and he already got her sprung without posting bail.
There's a lesson to be learned here for Paris: she needs a better support network. She needs friends who are less interested in partying and more interested in keeping her steered down the right path in life. And she needs these friends around her at all times. Because if she gets pulled over again with cocaine in her purse, she can just say it was theirs.

*15 Paris Hilton and Cy Waits photos total in the gallery:

  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 1
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 3
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 4
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 5
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 1
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 2
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 3
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 4
  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 5
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  • Paris Hilton Cocaine Arrest 11

  • Get real

    What a twit you are...

  • Miss R

    I meant *she IS trash.

  • Miss R

    She trash, time and time again she proves this to us. Are we really suprised this happened? She is a disgrace to he family's name. Plus who cares about Paris Hilton anymore? I though she would have went out of style like 4 years ago. Wouldn't it be cool if someone dropped a bomb on Hollywood? Haha jk...although without all these stupid mock-celebrities to follow, we might up our IQ points...

  • Anonymous

    she needs the publicity she's old news now

  • J.E.B.

    Another rich, snobby, FEMALE celebrity that thinks the law doesn't apply to her. And her family will buy her way out of jail, again. How long do we have to keep reading about these people?

  • dani

    seriously? This is the THIRD time in the last few months she pulled the "it's not mine" trick and she got away with it twice in another country...hopefully not here in the US!! Any other woman would be laughed right into a jail cell if she got caught with coke and made that claim. You KNOW Paris Hilton would never leave with someone else's purse. Also, wonder if her wallet and ID were in there and maybe her slimy fingerprints?? I will be seriously enraged if she gets away with this! Her and OJ should be jailhouse penpals!

  • Yves Sarasin

    she is really really a sick poppy, how sick is she...omg that is terrible

  • lassie

    Not her purse? NOT HER PURSE???? Whoops, sorry, Ms. Hilton, go on your way!...Really, it could happen! One big ugly Coach purse that costs as much feeding a family of four for several months looks very similar to any other big ugly Coach purse.

  • Theresa White

    OMG,what a stupid overpriviliged bitch! she will just keep getting away with it and never have to do any real time. And, oh,it's not my purse"? Are you kidding me? This girl just continues to piss me off! Maybe one day she'll do us all a favor and die from an overdose.

  • LDM


  • Don Livi

    So........, she's living up to ALL of my expectations!!!! donllivi

  • donna

    Well her family knows it's her purse...let's see if they lie right along with their piece of shit daughter...I mean I can tell by watching her she smokes weed...from experience....time to lock these thugs up!!!!!

  • Lilly

    First our wonderful Lindsay, now Paris. When will the cops stop picking on celebs. Don't they realize that celebs are special and live by different rules. Just leave the celebs alone to be themselves, we love them the way they are.

    Be brave Paris, we love you.

  • Anon

    For those of you with the attention span of a gnat...a couple of years ago, after being released from prison, she went on Larry King and publically stated on national television that she doesn't use drugs. Yet this the second time in a few months she's been popped for possession. She's nothing more than a lying sack of shit that thinks the rules don't apply to her. Lock her up so that single brain cell in her head will realize she is not above the law.

  • nameless

    she'll get off using the "not my purse defense" but we all know she's guilty; it just can't be proven.

    where there smoke there fire and there's a lot of smoke wherever Paris is.

  • pak

    hahahahah loser!

  • wtf

    She will be photographed just as brain dead happy in a day or too. She would be oblivious if a family of squirrels lived in her a*s!!

  • TJ

    She may be working incognito for the DEA, and this us just part of her cover.

  • Master yoda

    I got picked up with 5 grams of coke and $10,000 in my pocket.

    Told the cop they weren't my pants.

  • Whorrible

    Awwwww...these two look so happy together.

  • Sasha

    I think Vegas is the perfect place for her, she should move there, everyone in L.A. is over her.

  • Paul

    Lets just hope that this is all one giant mistake and that our lovely Paris in found not gulity. Otherwise, as Magnum PI would say, If you can't do the time, than don't do the crime. I fear that Ms. Paris has been running with an unsavory crowd.

    This is a cruel blow to our State Department, that appointed her as our National Ambassadour of Nice.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe there's a way she can benecifiate of the diplomatic immunity system ? She definately deserves it, as a strategic asset for the United States.

  • anonymous

    nothing like a couple Paris Hilton ass kissers trying to use big words and missspelling them.

  • POOHTATTOO know that they were being cynical and not cyber ass kissing...right? Cause PH as a national treasure is funny. The majority of us would voluntarily run her over in our car.

  • I have read your post, carry on writing the same stuff, I would absolutely be fond to see extra stuff you.

  • anonymous

    yeah but Paul's a douche. he likes to spout PR flak with one screenname then e-thug threaten you with another.

    (he messed up and got caught doing it)

    f*ck his ass.

  • Anonymous

    With an eggplant.

  • Al

    Master Yoda is a smart man, the old "it's not mine" excuses never worked in the 70's, why would it work today. PH needs to have her coke mules in an unmarked Escalade following her.

  • Master yoda

    This is embarrassing, come on Paris, that's what ASSISTANTS do!!!

    Get some jail dummies to take the heat!!

  • sammy7


  • Guy LeDouche

    what a dumbass. i hope she does jail time

  • Thnx so much for giving out the report, I looked for this previously but could find this only this place and here. Jot down more!

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