Nicole Kidman's new building

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban just shelled out $10 million for a new apartment in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Why is this news? Because their unit includes a god damn car elevator (pic here). Finally, science figured out a way to avoid having to make face-to-face contact with the mouth-breathers that ride in lower class "poor people" elevators that you can't drive your car onto. It's about damn time. From Mavrix:
Kidman and Urban bought a duplex unit that measures 3,248 square feet and includes 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and two city view loggias. The main living spaces are located on the unit's upper floor and include a 20-foot by 22-foot living room with western views over the Hudson River towards New Jersey, and a combination dining room and a gourmet kitchen with folding oiled teak panels that when closed conceal the kitchen equipment.

14 of the building's 16 apartments, come with a private 300 square foot "En-Suite Sky Garageā„¢", accessed by driving one's luxury automobile into a giant key-lock elevator that lifts the car up to the same level as the the apartment to which it is deeded.
In related news, to get to my apartment on the 3rd floor of my building, sometimes I also press the button for the 2nd floor. The longer I'm in the elevator, the more it feels like it's taking me up to my swanky penthouse bachelor pad and not the 410-square-foot studio I share with my mother. *hangs head in shame*

*11 photos total in the gallery:

  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 1
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 2
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 3
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 4
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 5
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 6
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 7
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 8
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 9
  • Nicole Kidman Car Elevator 10

[Pacific Coast News, Mavrixonline]
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  • The Explainer

    I remember some story about the lady Kidman working out in a gym in Manhattan and some young male twit who works there hits on her relentlessly (99% homosexual seeking to marry and party with the fellas in my opinion). In any case, I can tell you, people have no respect for celebrities, or anyone they want to bother including pretty ladies (and males) on the street, and it's not illegal to talk to people, pester them, abuse them, ridicule them, etc., is it? I was in a gym once when Maria Sharparova came in and same deal, she could not work out without some loser thinking this was it, his chance to hook-up with someone cool. And there is an egomania that decides to be boorish and what's the worst that can happen to them for being too assertive ... "whatever." But Ms. Kidman and Ms. Sharpova are bothered 30 times a day. It is a harm. The must exclude the masses because enough of them are abusive and too many are just hatefully mean, especially when someone is "too rich" (heh) or too successful or too beautiful.

    You ought to be self-critical of humanity, not critical of Ms. Kidman.

  • Anonymous

    And yet if James Cameron walked into the gym after announcing he was in the process of casting for Avatar 2 in Variety either one of those girls you mentioned above would be tripping over each other to blow him for a part.

  • Bob

    Yeah that's relevant. No wait, you're a cunt.

  • Bob

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