Molly Sims and the body formerly known as Heidi Montag

I don't know why in the hell Molly Sims would comment on Heidi Montag, but she did, so let's run with it. From Health magazine (via the New York Post):
Molly Sims feels sorry for surgically enhanced Heidi Montag. "I think Heidi Montag is a really sick girl, something is off. You don't get F-size boobs. And I'm not judging her. I feel sorry for her," Sims tells Health magazine.
Molly's just jealous. Deep down inside, she probably just wishes she had platinum blonde hair, FFF boobs, and a waist so small she could use a charm bracelet for a belt. Of course, there's probably one thing Heidi has that Molly's glad she doesn't have: a marriage certificate with Spencer Pratt's name on it. Even though she looks like a living Barbie Doll, that piece of paper is more of a turn off to guys than if she had a penis.

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  • cosmicslop

    If He Knows is Spencer, you are a talentless douche bag that would have been better off fucking a sex doll than that nasty, dumb as shit fake and plastic idiot called Heidi.

    Enjoy your time in Nododiesville.

  • cosmicslop

    Nice one Molly, that fugly, fake and plastic talentless attention seeker is so lame, good on you for speaking out.

  • Strega

    Tooo funny... This goes without saying but Heidi proves she lacks ANY self respect by being with that ladyboy Pratt. Heidi was attractive prior to all the nips and tucks. Molly is in a class way above both of them though. Get a clue Heidi, dump the waste for good.

  • Lissa

    Oh Spencer,(yes He Knows-we know it's you) you little crack head. Stop making comments like you wouldn't dump Heidi in .5 seconds flat if Molly Simms even looked your way. So silly.

  • Bingo

    The comment saying that Heidy has "world wide fame" cracked me up!!!!!!

    Molly Sims is an international model and she acted in a TV Show (Las Vegas) that made her popular all over the planet.... How could she be jealous of a skanky plastic chick who's only known in the US for having multiple surgeries?!

  • horsefacetitty

    ya'll should show an unshopped foto of hontag ! hahaaaa ..

    i doubt molly sims a top victoria secret & sports illustrated model who is famous AND rich is jealous of the enormous head & tiny little legs of hontag ..

    in fact i doubt hontag has ANYONE in her life or one friend jealous or otherwise .....

    payback is a bitch ...

  • Brooke

    $40 says He Knows is Spencer...

  • snl

    Heidi feels sorry for Molly's horse face.

  • PaigeNetworks

    Moll is gorgeous and she was stating a fact. There is something seriously wrong with Heidi. She was beautiful before she did all the plastic surgery she did not need any of it.

  • Zac

    Molly is a natural beauty, and pretty smart. However, she should have ignored Heidi.

  • Jeffro11

    Molly's hot, always has been! Heidi is head to toe fake, ugly as a pig pissing, and dumb as a bag of hammers.

    Molly's only mistake was even wasting a breath uttering that skank's name.

  • cosmicslop

    You are my new hero.

  • MoKnows

    Gonna hurl now thanks spencer twat for saying that crap nothing better to do then stroke your monsterous ego?? Get s clue u r irrelevant no one give a frig about u or ur twit fake Barbie doll who will melt in the sun with all her fake parts. Go away for good. I will nvr buy any mag with u or her on the cover wouldn't even give it to my puppy to sheet on as I don't want him to catch anything or to hurl himself from liking at you.

  • He Knows

    Molly is Jealous of a lot of things Heidi has, not least of which is world wide fame. Spencer and Heidi will be back together. She will find she cannot live without Spencer. Spencer was a wonderful and caring husband, not to mention being a super lover. Spencer has a genius for show business and will go far in Hollywood. His natural good looks, winning personality and quick intellegence stand him in good stead.

    Spencer will not look twice at Molly Sims

  • Flyboy

    Wow Spencer, you must spend all day keeping on top of news about you, to respond so quickly.

  • Anonymous

    You must have not watched the Hills. Granted it is a show force fed by the producers, you cannot simply create the pyschopathical tendencies he has.

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