Hugh Grant and his new mystery love outside his house (8/15)

In 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested after police caught him in his BMW receiving a $60 blowjob from hooker Divine Brown. Apparently Hugh kept accidentally tapping the brake pedal with his foot, which attracted police to the car (seriously). I bring this up because earlier this week, -- according to one of the local tabloids -- Hugh was spotted "enjoying the company of a 'Divine'-looking girl during a night out in London." Wait a minute, I see what they're trying to imply. You know, just because she's black and Hugh likes her doesn't mean that she's a prostitute. Making an assumption like that is so damn racist. She could easily be a rapper or basketball player, too.

*10 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 1
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 2
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 3
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 4
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 5
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 6
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 7
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 8
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 9
  • Hugh Grant Devine Brown Lookalike 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • anon

    she doesnt look anything like divine-divine was actually attractive this girl isnt not that it matters as divine was a prostitute and this lady is not. But i'm a little disturbed by the racist comments typical cowards hiding behind as computer screen -jealous anyone by any chance?

  • Anonymous

    actually, this girl followed him home that night. she sort of stalks him because one night when he was really drunk he did something very stupid. He's a very nice guy but his own worse enemy.

  • carrot

    I adore Hugh, and he seems to do nutty things whenever he is drunk. But if he's that "easy" when he's drunk, then I think I'll have to start hanging out in his local bars so that I have a chance with him.

  • Anon

    so he thinks black girls are only good for sex??? and whites for all the rest? thanx for showing sum respect!

  • rrrrrrrr

    Even if he did something dumb, that doesn't mean he himself is. He's a pretty smart guy.

  • anonymous

    Well, I hope Hugh comes to have a better future.

  • carrot

    She's way too fugly for him. I'm guessing he was really smashed.

  • Whippet

    Well, you know what they say...once you have tasted chocolate, you can't go back to vanilla.

  • Anon

    does he only like black girls when hes drunk??? cmon, would you ever see him date one now? must make her feel ggood.

  • lexi

    LOL. This definitely applies to Robert De Niro as well.

  • Al Sharpton

    I wonder if Hugh pays her with bushels of bananas or buckets of fried chicken?

  • Dip

    I bet she has hairy nipples.

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