Cameron Diaz moves in with A-Rod

The National Enquirer is claiming that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are giving marriage a "trial run" and she just moved into his New York apartment. Jesus, if I woke up after a long night of drinking and that thing was sleeping next to me, I'd probably call the police. From the tabloid:
"[Alex] said things are going so well that they needed to take the next step in their relationship. With Cam, he feels he's found the best of both worlds - an independent career woman who's also drop-dead gorgeous."
Wait, what? Drop-dead gorgeous? Am I trapped in some kind of parallel universe where up is down and left is right?
"Alex loves that Cam doesn't feel a need to make a spectacle of their love affair," the source said. "By not pressuring him, Cameron won him over." During the July visit, Cameron began moving clothes and furniture from storage into A-Rod's Upper West Side condo, the source said. When he travels to Los Angeles, A-Rod reportedly stays at Cameron's newly purchased $10 million, six-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills. "For now, Cam and Alex intend to be bi-coastal," said the source. "She's been telling friends as long as their new arrangement doesn't hit any bumps, they hope to be married this time next year."
What the hell is A-Rod doing? Regardless of what you think of the guy (that he's a steroid-using, egotistical, cheating scumbag), as a superstar athlete, he's in a position to bang as many hot groupies as he wants. So why settle for a 38-year-old washed-up actress who looks like she just stepped off the pages of a Stephen King novel? Either Cameron doesn't have a gag reflex or she does have the one thing A-Rod's looking for in a mate: testicles.

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  • Renton

    First Brett Favre, then Ben Stiller, now A-Rod... she is a maneater

  • NeNe

    I say give her some time, after they get 'married', and the demands are going to start. Cameron is pretty, but I would not say "drop dead gorgeous". come on now. That is a stretch.

  • Ethan

    Well, she has a fugly frog face like Miranda Kerr and empty blue eyes, they could be twin. Ugly people are entitled to be happy too.

  • rod

    ... or maybe she's just another fan of big black penis.

  • Carlos

    Maybe she's just good at being a celebrity beard.

  • Eric Idle

    She's very manly looking. Just the type for ARod. Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Say no more.

  • The Gorn

    Well ARod did like Madonna, too.

  • The Oracle

    Be afriad A Rod, be very afraid. Those are the evil steel blue eyes of death looking out of her face. She is pure distilled evil pretending to be lust. She will steal your soul.

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