Oksana Grigorieva leaving Ralph's supermarket in L.A. (7/11)

Mel Gibson's gold-digging ex Oksana Grigorieva actually signed a confidentiality agreement with him that would have netted her $15 million . . . but then she walked away from it. Ouch. Whore #1 needs to give this chick a good talking to. From TMZ:
Sources tell TMZ, during the child custody mediation in May, lawyers for Mel and Oksana worked out a financial deal for Oksana -- she would get a total of $15 mil, which included child support, a house and other assets.

But sources intimately familiar with the mediation tell us Oksana promised something in return -- that all "evidence" associated with the case remain confidential. We've learned the "evidence" includes the tapes.

Oksana and Mel both signed a "short form agreement" -- a bare-bones contract outlining the broad strokes of the deal. The lawyers then drafted a long form agreement which contained specifics of the deal, but we're told Oksana refused to sign the long form, claiming she felt coerced.
I'm sure Oksana will look back on this 20 years from now and be glad she didn't take Mel's $15 million. Sure she could have bought a sick Malibu beach house, some diamond jewelry, and a new Ferrari 599 GTO, but none of that would have made her happier. OK, maybe the Ferrari would have. Seriously, have you ever seen an angry person driving a Ferrari? Hell no you haven't. It's like Oksana doesn't even care that the 599 did a lap at Fiorano in 1:24 flat -- the 3rd fastest time by a street legal Ferrari in history. Dammit, I hate this bitch even more now. I hope she gets hit by a Ferrari.

*25 pictures total in the gallery:

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • Anonymous

    PS: note the dates: if this is not her account, how did this person know about the offer so long ago?

    heh...go ahead Ox face, try to lie your way out of it. hehehhe. Can't anymore, can you? LOL!

  • Sam


    Here is a link to a Twitter account in her name: http://twitter.com/OksanaGrigo...

    Read it: she brags about the Playboy offer here, even invites it, says she'll give the money to charity (she's broke?)(btw, I know she has been changing and removing data from all over the web, trying to hide her steps--I have no idea how twitter works, if she can edither page. BUT I have a saved copy of it and I can PROVE she id as I have claimed.) Her 'outrage' is a joke!

    I don't believe the picture is her, but she says it is. The picture can be found on a Russian model agency site. I believe, but have no proof, that it is this model that convinced her to change her name way back when. In Russia it is very common to have the same names. She WANTS people to think this is her (she has no modeling layouts to be found anywhere other than the undies ont he piano.) It does look like her, but no cigar if you ask me.

  • Jinxy

    He's worth nearly a Billion dollars, 15 mil from him is just chump change. He should have doubled it and walked away, now everyone knows what a pig Mel is and his career will never recover, plus he had no prenup with his wife so she's going to get half. Now his career is effectively over. Jodie Foster's movie he was shooting when this started has stopped production because the studio knows no one will go to see it.

    He's a hideous person. I hope Oksana gets full custody of the child and the money to live well for the next 18 years, no one should have to deal with that. Blow yourself asshole.

  • sc

    Acemeister79 you took the words right out of my mouth! i met a girl like her i went to college with ... mail ordered over here married to a man she admits that she doesn't love... he pays for everything and admitted to me that since no one man can give her everything she has a dozen on the side - all being used by her... yes please go back to where you came from!

  • Acemeister79

    Gold digging herpes infested Russian skank! Send her back - but Mel is an idiot to have hooked up with someone so obviously a user - didn't he hear about these mail order brides from the old soviet bloc?

  • crtb

    She is going to end up with nothing $$$ for being greedy. She is going to jail for extortion, the fake tapes and lying to the cops.

  • Anonymous

    Never trust a Russian. She is a gold digger trying to extort a middle-aged crazy rich man. Well he was rich, not any more. Send her sorry ass back to Russian with all the other spys.

  • Triandos

    Good for her. Hope she sues his bitch ass and gets $100 million.

  • v4vendetta14

    She gives such good head that it drove Mel absolutely insane (ok, short trip). I wonder if she passed him the herpes showing on her lip...

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