Celebrities with and without makeup

Time for another edition of "Celebrities without Makeup" . . . or as I'll be calling it in the future: "Why I Now Sleep with the Lights On -- Thanks Alicia Silverstone!" Seriously, she scares me with makeup on, so you can imagine how I feel seeing her without makeup. Screw you Mom for making me throw away my blankie in high school! I need its reassuring comfort more than ever right now. As always, gallery features a "with/without" picture of 15 celebrities. Click around.

*31 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Alicia Silverstone with and without Makeup
  • Nicollette Sheridan with Makeup
  • Nicollette Sheridan without Makeup
  • Miley Cyrus with Makeup
  • Miley Cyrus without Makeup

  • hellen

    I am appalled to see these pictures..the other side of the coin..its like the character..the man with the mask...without makeup..they look`..not ordinary but worse than that!!!Jennifer Garner looks super with and without!

  • Ken Wetalk?

    Moss looks GREAT!! w/make up. considering her age in the no-make-up pic, I'd say she looks ok that way, too.

  • Ken Wetalk?

    Pompeo looks ok in her no-makeup pic.

  • Ken Wetalk?

    DAYYYUMMM!! Some of these celebs look really ROUGH!! without their war paint on. LMAO!!

  • Sheikyerbouti

    Alicia Silverstone looks like Ryan Gosling!

  • Fred

    Children were born without Make-


    Surprise if U haven't seen het without make-up

  • Merry

    They look like us whitout makeup,with one big difference...bank account!!!!

  • Matt

    Ellen Pompeo looks gorgeous without make-up

  • Anonymous


  • George

    it would be funny if you put the same pick for rosie o'donnell

  • rochelle

    kate moss is one fugly mole even with make up yuk

  • Harry Barracuda

    Ellen Pompeo still looks great.

  • kandy

    is that a zit on her fore head...... wow dude cover it up..... some people should wear make up all the time

  • Rose

    This just pisses me off... every no makeup picture seems to be intentionally taken in bad light or just a bad day for the subject. Its misleading and, though its nice to know that hotties have bad picture days too, it more just makes me mad as it seems someone went out of their way to make these women look as bad as possible

  • $26289639

    Nice to see they look like the rest of us, but not really fair to use pics where they are talking, jogging, or otherwise making the bizarre expressions we all do a hundred times a day but don't get caught on camera.

    Anyone looks like they are drunk or their face is melting if you catch them in the right fraction of a second.

  • Del

    Garner doesn't look all that bad without paint.


    molly shannon is the ugliest bitch ever

  • Pig

    Rosie O'Donnel still looks like a Pig with or without makeup

  • DMB

    Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Garner, and Hillary Duff look fine with out makeup.

  • kianna

    Milley you r white trash and u suck nigger dick so shut the front door u hoe and a nuther thing u whoe my neese loves hannah montana i heard u where shutting it down u skank

  • kianna

    Milley you r white trash and u suck nigger dick so shut the front door u hoe and a nuther thing u whoe my neese loves hannah montana i heard u where shutting it down u skank

  • karin Toogood

    Oh God, she has breast implants. How old is she, give me a break.

  • Sprmcandy

    Gwyneth is soo Gorgeous, with or without makeup I dont care. Bring her on baby! I am in Luv.

  • Princess1013

    OMG, Is it me or does Pam Anderson look like that chick from the Exodus...but in daylight?! UGHHH!Now we know why should can't keep a man! The truth's exposed....literally!

  • Anonymous

    He he he he that totally made my day!!!!! My ass would make any of these celebs a Sunday face!!!

  • Capwhan

    Miley claims to never have done the deed and says she won't till she is married. Can you say "shoooore?"

  • SinDFetish

    Yea...Rosie is gross WITH her make-up...no help with the paint there. But no Guy, Alicia will always be a cuti-pie...the others except for Brook Shields need the paint too. Funny how guys just keep gettn better lookin as they age but fems....oops sie daisy,,, pass the paint brush!

  • Liz

    Because only female celebs need make up to look good. Guys can be ugly as long as they're talented. Fuck this.

  • JennyT

    OMG I'm feeling really good about myself now, Thank you. I have to agree with the person who thinks Gwyeneth is homely, I never could understand why people thought she was pretty, and I never thought much of her acting either. A no-talent as far as I'm concerned, and not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, guess Daddy Bruce might have been the reason she was working. Pam & Kate scared the bejeezus out of me. I have to go along with others that Hillary & Ellen & Jennifer have gorgeous skin, all are really beautiful women. Cheers!

  • Warren

    Miley is so hot! I'd love to kiss her beautiful lips. She looks great all the time and is a natural beauty.

  • kianna

    u do not no hot u wont to no hot come and see this pretty boy u do not have taste

  • Myst

    I actually think that Hilary Duff looks really nice without make-up on, as well. A lot more natural. and remember that all the "with-makeup" pics have been photoshopped, they're not really comparable. Take the REAL picture with make up, before a graphic worker opened it CS3 and decided to fuck around with eye-shape and skin color, and without make up. cuz then thats reality. you cant compare digitally fixed photos with ones that werent touched. they'll never look the same, and the ones that werent touched will ALWAYS look worse. duh. Hilary Duff makes the exception though. I actually think she's naturally gorgeous.

  • Angeleyes2

    When was that picture of Miley taken? I see she got fake boobs. I totally missed that too. Now if she'd just wear underwear and accept who she really is, what age she is and who her fans really are. Running away from Youth like she is, it just doesn't work. Men aren't her fans, girls are. Her shows don't reflect that, they look like strip shows.......to a bunch of girls and their Mom's! Doesn't she have people who watch these kinds of things? Why would she want to thumb her nose at the very people who have Made her: young girls and their Moms.

  • Warren

    I Love Miley and I'm a guy. Her music rocks and I even like Hannah Montana. Her breasts are not fake, but she does use things like push-up bras, and besides that before pic is when she was younger. I will agree that she shouldn't have sexed it up so much. The last concerts I went to I was surprised at the change and it wasn't good for her younger fans.

  • kianna

    u are sooooooooooooooo wright about that

  • Gigi

    Brooke Shields looks better without makeup!

  • Mike

    Thank goodness at least a few of them can act. Based on the non makeup pics most of the women I know could have been superstars!!!!

  • patty

    Gwenthn Paltow is so homely looking. I cant see her appeal with makeup. Most of these woman look really plain. I am glad I dont wear makeup. When they take it off they look bad,

  • Michelle H.

    I never wear make-up except for a very special event. I am 51, older than most of these actresses. Now, I feel pretty! I wish this comment section would let me show everyone what I look like without makeup!

  • Brad

    I am sure you look fine because you have self respect. The way a person expresses him/herself is most of the battle. I hang with ladies 15 years younger than myself, because they have self respect and just wanna have fun. (Me included)--Brad

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