Celebrities with and without makeup

Time for another edition of "Celebrities without Makeup" . . . or as I'll be calling it in the future: "Why I Now Sleep with the Lights On -- Thanks Alicia Silverstone!" Seriously, she scares me with makeup on, so you can imagine how I feel seeing her without makeup. Screw you Mom for making me throw away my blankie in high school! I need its reassuring comfort more than ever right now. As always, gallery features a "with/without" picture of 15 celebrities. Click around.

*31 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Alicia Silverstone with and without Makeup
  • Nicollette Sheridan with Makeup
  • Nicollette Sheridan without Makeup
  • Miley Cyrus with Makeup
  • Miley Cyrus without Makeup

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