• Willie Fisterbottem

    The only thing I can think of is either:

    Would you like me to help you read that script?


    I don't like those shoes... they're ugly.

  • The Poster Formerly Known as P

    "Lay off the plastic surgery you low-down, white-trash, skank-ass mother fucking whore. Oh and can I have your autograph so I can sell it when you die of AIDS."

  • Joe

    Can you sign my petition to have all reality shows featuring talentless people to be removed from all networks.

  • win8@yahoogroups.com

    "Don't be a crackwhore like I am, sweetie."


  • Bob

    Probably said "You dirty little fucking whore!!!"

  • John

    You spell your name K E N D R A.

  • Nick

    I laughed




  • Anonymous

    they learn about sex and porn in school. Nowdays starting in kindergarden.