Jennifer Love Hewitt arriving to Sizzler in L.A. (7/5)

For as much shit as Jessica Simpson has been given over the past few years, at least she's never been seen going into a Sizzler for lunch. And don't think this is the last we'll see of Jennifer here. Not if she can fill up for under 10 bucks. That deal is going to haunt her dreams and every waking thought. You know how people lined up 10 hours early to buy one of the new iPhones? I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer does that tomorrow outside of this Sizzler waiting for it to open.

*10 photos total in the gallery:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 1
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 2
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 3
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 4
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 5
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 6
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 7
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 8
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 9
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt Sizzler Dinner 10

[Pacific Coast News]
  • Wesley

    Snark fail. Buffets are awesome

  • miguelc

    LOL! THIS is what the tabloid press and gossip columns are pitching as trash, a buffet?! When it's time to eat, but can't decide, going to a buffet is RATIONAL. I'm glad most of the posts here are okay with Love taking her grandma to a buffet. "Celebrity" is a brand. There is usually a REAL PERSON attached. In Love's case, she's real, she's grounded, and she deserves to have some options at the buffet down the street.

  • JJErler

    F U I like Sizzler!!! If she likes it that just makes her a REAL person instead of a stuck up celeb. Hurray for her!

  • testington

    she loves sizzler, I remember seeing a Conan interview with her one time where she talked about it and he teased her about it but she said it's still her fav from growing up

  • K

    And this "news" is supposed to make her look like less of a celebrity or something? Just makes me like her even more and makes me want to go to Sizzler. Thanks!

  • Guest

    What's with the syph sore?

  • Cliff Frasier

    Ghost Whisperer was cancelled so the paychecks have been smaller of late.

  • John

    The bitch is taking up two parking spots at a sizzler with her Lexus. Can you say white trash?

  • Caden Canyon ( Win8@yahoogroup

    Ew. If this were 1998 again, I'm *sure* a LOT of guys would hit that! But today? Ah, not so much. Sorry, Jen. Your time has come and gone.

  • Brett

    99.9% of all straight males would be ecstatic to get with a girl like JLH. You are a retard.

  • hacksaw

    I've got a sizzler for her.

  • wawa

    I love when Lexus SUV-driving assholes take up two spots. Love it.

  • J

    These photos don't show it, but Jennifer took her grandmother out to eat. Other sites show Grandma uses a cane and obviously needs extra space getting in/out of a vehicle.

    You'd prefer she park illegally in a handicapped spot?

    We don't see many celebrities showing kindness to a grandparent in public. Way to go, JLH!

  • Triandos

    I bet her grandmother wanted to go to the Palm.

  • J

    So, Jennifer is a real person, eating real food at a place where her fans hang out. That's more than can be said for most high profile people who starve themselves.

    JLH looks GREAT, and I bet she likes Sizzler's salad bar as much as I do. If you haven't been to Sizzler lately -- especially the remodeled restaurants -- you're missing out.

    Thanks for being real, Jennifer!

    Cheese Toast, anyone?

  • T

    I dont see whats wrong with Sizzler. So she is rich/famous. Does that mean she has to eat at overly priced small portioned restaurants?

    She looking hawwwttt too btw

  • I'm not your buddy, guy

    She's still hot.

  • Def

    Ok 2 question's

    1) What is wrong with eating at Sizzler ?

    2) Why are paparazzi hanging out there, oh wait they followed her/stalked her

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention unlike many of today's tv celebs that are now unemployed *cough cough The Hills cast**...because of her frugality, she'll still be well off even after her acting career is completely over.

  • johhn

    Generally you don't see famous people eating at buffets

  • Andy

    Oh please! No matter how rich or how famous someone is, they're all just people.

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