Anderson Cooper and his boyfriend in New York's West Village last week

Pretty much since CNN host Anderson Cooper has been famous, people have questioned his sexuality. Well I think we can finally put that question to rest. Dude, he's gay. G-A-Y. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best gay friends are gay. Anyways, that's Anderson and his "friend" Ben Maisani riding bikes together in New York last week, an activity Gay Things To Do in Jean Shorts and Muscle Tees magazine just voted the #1 summertime pleasure. Honestly, the only way that picture could be more gay is if Anderson had a basket on the front of his bike and pink ribbons on the handlebars.

*5 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Anderson Cooper is Gay 1
  • Anderson Cooper is Gay 2
  • Anderson Cooper is Gay 3
  • Anderson Cooper is Gay 4
  • Anderson Cooper is Gay 5
[Pacific Coast News]
  • How does anyone know he was cheating? I mean how would you know about their life?

  • Erica Kane

    Since when does riding a bike mean you're gay???

  • acemeister79

    Not that there's anything wrong with that - but the guy is an idiot as well...

  • Cpm

    That must be the guy that taught Anderson what 'teabagging' is!


    Oh, that's not gay at aaaaall.

  • Gdrive

    360 has flat tires

  • banned in england

    Wtf happened to Julio.

    Anyway Richard (dick) Quest CNN correspondent was caught with meth at Central Park and a rope tied around neck and genitals .....priceless

  • Carlos

    These pics ARE more gay: those bikes don't have seats.

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