Nick Hogan is a monster

33 months ago, Nick Hogan thought it would be a good idea to drink a few beers, hop into his Toyota Supra and race his friends (in a Dodge Viper) down a wet Court St. in Clearwater, Florida. After predictably wrapping the Supra around a palm tree, Nick's passenger -- 22-year-old Iraqi War Veteran John Graziano -- was left which such debilitating injuries that he will require 24-hour nursing care for the rest of his life. But that was in the past and who the fuck cares about the past when there's racing to be done! These pics of Nick were taken at a drifting event in Las Vegas last week. In this picture, look at the way Nick expertly forgets about his friend John's inability to shit in anything but a bag, while he negotiates a tight corner at 80 mph. A true pro!

*13 pics total in the gallery:

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  • Thumbnail: Nick Hogan Drift Racing 2
  • Thumbnail: Nick Hogan Drift Racing 3
  • Thumbnail: Nick Hogan Drift Racing 4
  • Thumbnail: Nick Hogan Drift Racing 5
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[Pacific Coast News]
  • The Brain

    What a useless sh*tbag, he shouldn't be in a bumper car.And is he wrestling now since he is using a stage name? Nick Bollea is a useless as t*ts on a bull!

  • Billy Baloney

    Fuck Nick Hogan and the entire Hogan clan too. Goddamned gay wigger and his faggy "drifting" bullshit, what a douchebag. Just like his dad.

  • BK

    He never had alcohol...

    John was just an innocent bystander who never wanted to be in car that was racing :/

    Nick forced John to take off his seatbelt :/

    John is messed up for life, so now Nick must spend the rest of his life crying and sitting alone at home :/

  • Caden Canyon

    You would haaaaaaaaaaaave to be a sick troll.


    And where the fuck do you get your info that Nick "made" him take off his seatbelt?

    Typical Hogan apologetic *trash*.

    Nick Hogan is by all accounts a *murderer*!

  • BK

    You are amazingly dumb

  • Blurb

    What you're saying is that he's just as worthless as the selfish fucks that actually thought keeping John Graziano alive would be a good idea, right?

  • johhn

    Rumor is the Hogan Family paid the Grazianos to keep John alive so Nick wouldn't be charged with manslaughter.

  • Caden Canyon

    THAT, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Ew! He looks all Joran Van Der Slot in this pic!

  • TFB

    It ain't legal but here's hoping he slides that car into a reinforced concrete block and splits his fucking head in two. Then the doctors could jam a wedge down into the hole and scoop all of the shit out of there. This cock-sucking asshole, along with his whole family need to be taken out and shot. What a worthless fuck punk! Just Like Dad!

  • Anu

    Or if you are on private ground.

  • Anu

    I know that you for some raceways are not in need of a license for the street - don't know about USA...

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