Miley Cyrus has boobs now

That's Miley Cyrus and her new cleavage performing at the Rock in Rio festival in Madrid, Spain on Saturday. OK Miley, we get it, you've successfully destroyed your Hannah Montana image. Now, instead of a wholesome Disney Channel star, people just think you're a slut. Hooray?

*39 pics total in the gallery:

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  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 1
  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 2
  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 3
  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 4
  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 5
  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 6
  • Thumbnail: Miley Cyrus Desnuda 7
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  • matt

    What are you all whining about. Under the "righteous" secular system chastity is meaningless (infamous?) and the "child" attribute is FORCED on people under 18 and hence God-give rights like marriage is forbidden (yet fornication isn't) and unashamedly considered an act of child rape with the male ALWAYS the raper.

    Unfortunately, in this case there is no male to blame, so why don't you just accuse her for SELF-RAPING. This is actually possible under secular man-made laws where absolutely ANYTHING could be a crime.

  • Candie

    May that's a penis hanging out her crotch. LOL

  • noble

    hope she does playboy when she turns 18

  • icy

    she's ruining evrthing

  • Jessica

    With some of the comments here, I never hear

    my children speak that way. I guess because I raise them well. Some of you sounds like you did not go to school to learn good manners and right conducts. What a pity! I came from Canada. Is it the education system or the family system for some of you. Obama seems like the one of the few who got it right.

  • Jessica

    What is this? Who is writing these column?

    It looks like the writer was raised by an alcoholic mother and a drug addict father. Here's how it's sound...

    Writer, were you sexually abused by your parents?

  • miley is pathetic


  • Alissa

    WOW! her boobs are HUGE for an 18 year old! She doesn't have a nice body, too. Her legs are fat! But those boobs do look good to play with...

  • Lacy

    I wish I had a dick so I could bone Miley Cyrus. Hard.

  • SLUT!!! WTF!!!

    How can Miley be a slut, the person who took these pics and posted them on here is to blame. She didnt ask the photographer "ooooh, i'm going to try and show off part of my vagina. So try and get a good angle of that, and post it on the internet" As for the rest of her clothing, maybe it's because when she's performing on stage she gets too hot. Theres always an explanation for something. :)

  • Protean

    She never was a "wholesome Disney Channel star". Her entire career trajectory was premised on this very moment. As a career planner, you cannot assume that her "wholesome" image would carry over into adulthood, so they Lolita-ed her since day one. Regardless of whether she was aware of it or not (let's be real here, she probably has been), her image was carefully planned in advanced to play over a 10+-year character "arc" that parlays her assets into a more mature demographic. To ignore this is to be an ostrich.

    BTW, Love #4. Got protruding mons veneris with a healthy dose of stubble.

  • Lil playa56

    and on pic 12, shes grabbin her tit...

    Peace! (again) *XD56%*

  • Lil playa56

    i dont really think shes a slut, shes hot, but shes not a slut. everyone has seen worse clothes than that, and just cause shes wearing that doesnt give you the right to judge her... i respect women, and all of u should too...

    and on pic 2, there aint nuthin wrong with her leg, its just part of her ass hangin out...



  • Anonymous

    Miley is a prosti-tott!

  • stormywoman

    omg, how embarrassing is picture number 2! did u see that mama and daddy ray cyrus?

  • Natalie C.

    I like her. I think about what i was like at 17, and i was just as wild. I think she's just like all the other 17 year olds out there. The only difference is that she's put on display and she's not covering up who she is.

    While i do think she's trying too hard to make a point, i don't think it makes her a slut. She doesn't want the "good-girl" image anymore because it's not her.

  • ...Unknown...

    spank ur just a sick brain dead puppy arnt u and dont have one has a point miley isnt a slut some of u might call her a slut cause u got nothing better to do with ur lifes and if miley was trying to be a slut dont u think she use the money she has to buy more revealing clothes and then make a video behind her parents back think about it simple miley is not turning into a slut she just trying to attract a bigger fan base includeing guys and lesbo's with the revealing clothes alot of stars go to great lengths to increase there fan base to increase there buying of music to increase there income

  • spanker

    i spank her bare butt real hard

  • don't have one

    what miley is wearing doesn't make her a slut, when you people find the true definition of a slut, your'll see most people you call em' aren't one. on top of that leave these talented people alone their lives and what they do shouldn't matter to you. there out making a living just like we are, they work just as hard as we do and don't need all this negativity and criticism.

  • fattys

    You haters are fuckin stupid, what she is wearing is less revealing than a bikini. She is rich sucessful and famous. All the hating women are boring fat ugly unsucessful pathetic bitches.

  • cici ref

    That's not part of her leg, it's just above that... It's part of a shaved labia-majora.

  • xxx

    lizzie mcguire is so much better than hannah montana. plus, atleast hilary duff is respected by the people and grew up to be a fine woman unlike that miley slut. what happened to disney's standards?

  • from nepal

    common idiots,

    why all the bitching when you're getting your moneys worth? actually to little for all the attention we give her and any other celebs for that

  • Wanda B. Goode

    What is with the dreadful posture, why is she always hunched up yelling into the mic?

    Try watching the 'Tamed' video without sound, she just stomps around and hunches over and yells. Posture! Posture! And maybe, actually take dance lessons? Sheesh.

  • pillgirl


  • rando

    her butt's kinda big...really big. it's like peakin out on the front from the back in every picture. i recommend less doritos and a week at a self esteem camp.

  • Nicole

    I Agree that second pic as a female even puzzled me is it thigh meat?? or is it something else that is a very thin panty area EWWWWWW!!! I also think she is trying to show shes grown up and this is the wrong way but, it is a way to do it we all did it when we were younger!! I also can't see the big deal she got boobs now we have only been watching her since she was 12?? its called PUBERTY!

  • Diva78

    Nicole, you're a woman and YOU don't know that is her labia squeezed-out of her ubre tight body suit? Thigh meat? WTF is wrong with you? And Rondo, YOU ARE AN IDOIOT, Miley is a lot of things, but "fat" is not one of them. The girl is tiny. All famous people are. Can't believe you'd call a 17 yr old, size 2, a fat grl. You're an idiot. You are probably super fat. You bit fatty!

  • Wesley B


    Seriously, she's a girl, you can't get mad at her or call her anything because she has a chest. And if you think what she is wearing is bad, then what do you call all those girls in bikinis? Really, there is nothing bad about this, or her, you just try to take down celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    I call all those girls in bikinis "going to the beach" Cyrus is on stage.

  • freshh.[;

    Okay, so likee what the hell?

    On the tv they sayy she's like a virgin.

    &She agrees &wears a promise ringg.

    likee obviouslyy how many guys has she datedd all older than her. Shee should have just gaven that song to Brittany Spears or somethingg, cause she went too farr for her age. She's not even oldd enough to do anythingg but to do it with other guys behind her parents backk its perfectlyy finee. ughh. shee discusts mee so veryy muchh.

  • fuchsia

    Learn to spell, you idiot. Adding the extra letter at the end of most words is not clever nor charming. One would think that you have a stutter! It is NOT "fresh", you is ultra lame.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! I was about to comment on that. It's so "annoyingg"

    And yeah ,Slutty cyrus, and pic 2= scratch my eyes out.

  • JANE121

    NICE TITS. slut.

  • Chris


  • Fred

    pathetic bitch

  • miley stinks

    ugly no-talent slut

  • I totally agree with lol

    Her right leg is disgusting on picture 2

  • Queen Elizabeth

    Your skanky starlets aren't the worst of your problems, America; your own mentalities are. Get a life that doesn't revolve around obsessing about strangers...and

  • Lol

    look at pic 2 and tell what the fuck is wrong in that picture... clue her right leg

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