Megan Fox and her 18-inch-waist

All you fatties out there with 20-inch waists, seriously, how do you live with yourself? You disgust me. Thank God for the Megan Foxes of the world. From MTV:
[Megan Fox] stars in "Hex" as Lilah, a gun-wielding prostitute with a very tight-fitting corset. Early photographs from the "Hex" set left many fans dumbfounded at just how constricting Fox's corset appeared to be, leaving the actress with what she described to MTV News as an 18-inch waistline.

"It's small," she admitted. "We got it down to 18 inches. But in the action scenes, we loosened it up, because everyone was afraid I was going to pass out."

As if the discomfort weren't bad enough, Fox's midsection suffered even when the corset was off. "At the end of the day when we would take it off, it would leave these deep grooves, these deep indents from the boning in the corset," she described. "I'd have it for the whole next day. The next 24 hours I'd be imprinted with the corset. It hurts your ribs!"
In the span of six sentences, Megan Fox managed to use the words "18 inches," "deep," "boning," and "hurts." Don't think I don't see what you're trying to do Megan. You're violating the spirit of our non-disclosure agreement YOU signed after our night of carnal passion last October. Anymore of this and I'm getting my lawyers involved.

*17 pics total in the gallery:

  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 1
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 2
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 3
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 4
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 5
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 1
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 2
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 3
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 4
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 5
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 6
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 7
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 8
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 9
  • Megan Fox Jonah Hex Waist 10

  • Taima

    I have a 33 inch bust, 22 inch natural waist and 36 inch hips; my waist is 18 inches in a corset... How is that a size 4 when I have such a fatass XP Small waist doesn't always mean you are skinny... I have thunder thighs.

  • Lauren Parrish

    People, calm down. It is what it is. She's a gorgeous girl. I can appreciate the beauty, and I'm by no means as good looking as her. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, Including skinny, lean, healthy, husky, and BBW. We're all adults here, and we know that Hollywood makes it's money by providing us a fantasy to escape to. I personally just enjoy it for what it is. I hope you can too, and don't let negative comments ruin your day! Have a good one people! You only live once, make it count! =D

  • lil miss

    oh my ew

  • Hannah

    She's wearing a *corset*. What a stupid title. It gives the impression that she's naturally that small. I have a 24" waist, if I wore a corset I could probably get it down to 18" too... what an accomplishment.

  • goofster

    would that be like a size zero an 18 inch waist...i know alot of females that are 24 that look way better than not putting her down she isnt bad looking but really im a guy with a 38" waist but if i wanted to cut of my circulation i can pull of a 32"...maybe you should look at her pic...her "waist" is small but im sure her hips are still at least 26"

  • 8 inches

    I for one am impressed. I only have 8 inches.

  • robyn

    big deal dita von teese had a 16" waist

  • muffinfluffer

    wow, thank god she has no brain or self-esteem. a life support system for a vagina.

  • Cindi

    Has the girl never watched "Gone With The Wind" - Scarlet had an 18" corsetted waist, too, so it's not like she's accomplished anything new in the biz!

  • Just Sayin

    Give the girl a chance. She is young ambitious and immature BUT she has such a remarkable face...look at that facial bone structure.Megan Fox is funny too.I just watched her as Sophies Maes in How To Lose Friends And Alienate People...she was spot on campy self mocking hilarious.I am a grown woman and I think she is pretty cool.All of you men who post things like "just shut your mouth Megan and take your clothes off" are too invested in demeaning females.She is more than just a pretty face and a killer figure...I say keep talking Ms.Megan.Don't conform.And IF Michael Bays treated you like a second clas citizen when you worked with him THEN good for you for NOT going back to do a third film with that pussy:)DON'T let the losers/haters/jealous weinies detract you from your career goals keep going with that lovely unique face of yours to make us all happy kid!!!!

  • Lauren Parrish

    Amen! =]

  • Zac

    I prefer a girl with a 26 inch waist, thank you very much!

  • Samantha

    Believe me, 18" will not last. I'm 5'11", had 18" waist for over 1/2 my life & after birth of 3 babies, used to model, weighed 117 lbs; no matter what I ate & I LOVED food, I couldn't gain an ounce. It's all metabolism & you're born with what you're born with. BUT, times do change & through the years, the measurements WILL increase; no matter what you do. It's so easy for youth to be thin, however, youth is short lived.

  • Anonymous

    That is NOT TRUE, DUMB*SS



  • charlotte

    My mother is 45, has 3 children, is still the same weight as her oldest daughter (120 lbs. at 5'8"), but she has one thing you'll never have: a soul.

  • phyllis

    i wouldn't be proud of shipping in the childrens section size four sickkkkkkkk

  • LMAO@Samantha

    REALLY Samantha???? You are all that??? Maybe YOU think you are BUT hun YOU are toxic as hell judging by your post. "Pretty is as pretty does".I imagine most people think you are quite ugly because of your hateful attitude. Does your husband put a bag over your head or tape your filthy mouth shut when he does you:)On and FYI hun @ age 44 you AIN'T that "hot" YOU gonna sag no matter how hard you work out:)Face reality your glory days are over:)

  • Sascha

    I believe she said "you're born with what you're born with," meaning we're all different, you stupid fuck! I watch every bit of what I eat, am constantly on a diet, and I still can't get below 130. That said, I'm still way hotter than you! You are a judgmental piece of shit who places way too much emphasis on your weight instead of your integrity and merit. I hope a bullet meets you between the eyes! You represent everything that is wrong with this society. You may be skinny, but your face is probably uglier than a bag of shit.

  • Simon

    Hello? She is wearing a corset, people!

  • Me

    I know, right?! It's like they didn't even read the article. Her waist was crushed into an 18" form. That's what happens when you wear a corset; your waist (while wearing the corset) is unusually small. ugh

  • hitman

    I would love to make love to her at anytime anyplace

  • NeNe

    I hope that she isn't complaining again, because remember what happened the last time she complainted.

  • hitman

    I would love to be Megans man anytime I believe she is beautiful and I would love to make love to her

  • Eyephuqued Megan

    She might have a small waist but Megan took every inch of my cock. It took a while to stretch her out but she loved it once we did. That's some tight pussy!

  • Jenniferajr5

    You know what all girls think?? That only men with small penises and no talent with said penis or tongue goes around bragging about how BIG their penis is, you prick. Back to inflatible dolls for you!!

  • garry

    where in the world did this come from. what an ass to put a statement like that in print. shes 24 ,georgeous, and has years to refine her acting skills other than running and screaming. if you watch the real scenes she actually pretty good. made me want to kick shias ass when he didnt call her on date night in keep these stupid statements off the site and find a hobby, like beating baby seals ,you ass. can only imagine what you look like........

  • muffinfluffer

    some anger issues here.......lighten up. she's not YOUR talentless skank.......

  • Al

    Hopefully Fred and others are wrong and Megan's acting will be considered noteworthy and Jonah Hex will have an excellent opening weekend. Quite frankly if Megan wasn't in the movie, I wouldn't be planning to see it on Friday. What can I say, I have a penis.

  • Fred-0

    Another Megan Fox Bargain Bin Blockbuster!

    Hopefully,this will be the movie that finally makes Hollywood realize she's really nothing more than a bad sitcom actress and Maxim model.

  • mer

    What's the point of an 18 inch waist when your gut is spilling out around the cinching? Can't believe this girl is in ANOTHER movie.

  • xuc

    Geeze, is this chick still around? She's unwatchable!

  • miaa

    big deal. i have an 18inch waist!! thanks mom :)))

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone agrees that Miss Tila is sexier now days than Megan, and in her epic series "Shot at Love", Tila demonstrated that she can really act.

  • Brooke

    Tila Tequila hotter than Megan Fox??? Not a Megan fan, but Tila is garbage nowadays. She was sexy for about a week four years ago, and now she's haggard. Megan Fox will be "Megan who?" in a year.

  • Anonymous

    If only real hookers looked more like this and less like Courtney Love...

  • Anonymous

    It's easy to have an 18 inch waistline when she's starved away her tits and ass.

    Megan in Two and a Half Men and Tranformers was epic. These days she looks exactly like the mannequin she was making out with.

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