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PICTURED: Lady Gaga arriving to Heathrow airport today dressed in her latest outrageous outfit: a retarded newborn giraffe. Where's a lion when you need one? . . . and by "lion" I mean "scattered broken glass."

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  • Lady Gaga Shoes Fall 1
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  • liza

    You know, I get that she's an "artiste" and wants to be expressive- whatever makes her tick, but some of these costumes should just be left at home! Does she ever just wear a pair of jeans and a tshirt?! And to travel in, how ridiculous! I can't help but think what would happen if that train got caught in the escalator.... doesn't Edna E Mode declare "no capes!"

  • snapnhiss

    Every floor is unsafe when you're wearing ten inches of horse hoof on your feet.

  • NeNe

    I almost peeded in my pants when I read/saw that she bit it. Ha ha ha ha ha. I cannot stand this woman/man. I'm not 100% that she is really a she.

  • Jean

    Why in the world would you write something so mean about the poor girl falling. Shame on you...and shame on anybody who thinks it's funny.

  • Johnny Eumarr

    My casual survey says 10 out of 10 gossip bloggers think this is damn funny, as do 98% of the posters on said sites.

  • Paul

    You tell them girl. Lady GaGa, is an international fashionista. Her designs are just a few year ahead of the plebian current style. She has great talent, a sweet personality, and just because she slipped on a unsafe floor is no reason to poke fun at her. She should be respected, not jeered.

  • hannah

    slipped on an unsafe floor? she fell over because she was wearing insane shoes to get attention...she was the "unsafe" part of the equation

  • Miriam Webster

    "Lady Gaga" translates to the equivalent English phrase "Look at me! Look at me!! Please, please, please look at me!!!".

    True story.

  • Al

    Kate Beckinsale elegantly walked through Heathrow Airport on Monday, didn't fall and make a big deal of it like this piece of shit looking like she was licking gum off the tile floor. Sometimes in life, you need to think before you open your mouth and closet door.

  • Douche

    Fucking moron.

  • James

    She clearly is having a major wardrobe malfunction of the dumbest kind but she has a lot of those. I don't know who designs those garbs she wears but most of them look like stage costumes. She should not be wearing them as street clothing.

  • Slim Shady

    This is priceless- seriously!!

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...I bet she isn't wearing that stupid outfit again.

  • South Austin Viceroy

    Now that was funny. Also, I know what the problem is: her fu**ing shoes. This tranny is an idiot.

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