Kristen Stewart arriving to LAX airport (5/28)

Some dude has waaaaaaaay too much free time on his hands. He's actually stalking Kristen Stewart. Hah! What a loser! From the Chicago Sun Times:
People close to "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart are concerned she is not taking seriously enough a stalker who has been sending disturbing letters and showing up at events -- apparently even at her home.

A longtime Hollywood honcho, who has worked with Stewart, says the young actress is telling people around her she refuses to be intimidated. "She insists that no crazy 'will keep me from living my own life,'" said the source, who understands that point of view.

"But this isn't like the paparazzi -- who Kristen understandably hates because they are so intrusive. These people can be dangerous."

Apparently, Stewart -- along with the rest of the young "Twilight" stars, particularly Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner -- are bugged by many, many "Twilight" vampire-obsessed fans. The Stewart friend refers to them as "real nuts ... scary kooks. ... These people are far more serious than the merely annoying paparazzi."       
Why would anyone want to stalk Kristen Stewart? If a person really wants to sit and stare at a girl with no discernible talent and the body of a 12-year-old boy, they'd go to one of Lauren Conrad's fashion show. Besides, doesn't this stalker know that Ashley Greene was in Twilight too? Now, obviously I'm not saying someone should stalk Ms. Greene, but if they wanted to put together a doll from the hair in her shower drain, that wouldn't be too outlandish. Am I right fellas or am I right!

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  • Youngamanda1999

    hey people out there if ur stalking kristin stewart than stop if this keeps happening i think she will need a boody gared whos with me

  • Gemma

    OMG!!! Why are ou being so mean about Kristen!!! She is an amazing person who looks great and is exceedingly talented! Whoever wrote this article is seriously sad and jealous!!!

  • B

    If you don't want her I'll take her no problem.

  • Anonymous


  • Betty

    sure Kristen prefers to walk in her jeans and snikkers...some of the big models too.

    But when she has a event she sure looks great/sexy.Just because she does not dress up in her own time makes her a boy. I like her cause she a good and down to earth person.

  • cristinA

    I love Kristen

    love, love,love.....gostaria de pedir as pessoas que paracem de dizer maldades de Kristen,

    Kristen looks so pretty!

  • Ivana

    I completely agree with Nicole

  • nicole

    Kristen is an attractive...GUY!!! This is so lame, no way she has a stalker! How convinient, her people probably started this rumour to divert attention from the BS talk she's been doing in interviews&the bad publicity she gets!! I really hope Letterman crusifies her like he did last time!! And she wasn't even THAT famous back then! Dave mah man, do your thing& give this ungrateful b*tch what she deserves!! ENOUGH with the illiterate dumb Hollywood kids who think their life should have NO downside!!

  • Sparkling Vampire erradicator

    Real name: Hazey McStone

    Reasons why she's not hot: Huge chin, most pasty girl alive, A cup, iliteracy, doped out of her mind

  • Youngamanda

    she preety kk and i disagree just saying ok pleas dont state drama kk

  • You are a Jerk

    To the writer of this article:

    It isn't Kristen Stewart's fault that you are so wholly unhappy with your life that you have become a sour, negative, spiteful person. Stop misdirecting your unhappiness at people who have nothing to do with your misery and disgust in yourself.

    Get yourself into therapy, and quickly.

  • Johnson

    Buddy, Kristen Stewart is the most fucking beautiful girl I have ever seen...she is literally STUNNING. So fuck off with this "am I right fellas or am I right"'re wrong!

  • Youngamanda1999

    yes they need to back off they are just jelost off her cause she preety

  • Kim

    Some people don't know real natural beauty, not the kind from plastic surgery and makeup that's troweled on... poor people, must be looking at too many t.v. shows with Heidi Montag... I guess you think she's a "real" beauty.

  • Brian

    Kristen is GORGEOUS AND HOT!!! poor Annoy Kristen haters!!! PATHETIC

  • Anonymous

    Nothing attractive about this chick and she always looks high or severely depressed.

  • Anonymous

    Uh, "Kristen is the most beautiful cast member"? Either you're a complete nutcase Twilight fan who's got twelve posters and 15 dolls strung throughout your room, or you don't know who Ashley Greene is.

    Kristen Stewart looks like a flatter version of Kate Hudson with Jodie Foster's face.

    That chick's more plain than a Boeing.

  • Ash

    Are you serious, Kristen is the most beautiful cast member. This is a very serious matter. She's a tough chick, but this is just scary.

  • Tracy

    Who the hell are you to talk about Kristen like that? Kristen is HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop being mean and let her beeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! You must want Rob

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