t's Jennifer Garner's freaky toe in Santa Monica on Saturday! *shudders*

*full-size pic below





  • jeff

    She was born with a congenital overlapping fifth toe. Not a huge deal! I have one just like it on my left foot!

  • jenny

    It is called hammer toe!!! SO STOP WITH THE RUDE COMMENTS!!!!!! It is a condition where one of the toes will cross over another one.

  • Sherry

    Ugh! That's not Hammertoe genius. Hammertoe is when the toes have been scrunching into the toe so badly that the closest knuckle to the heal becomes permanently crunched into a bent position, like if you bent your toes to the floor. Not one toe laying on top the other.

  • dasdasd

    she seems like the kind of bitch that would have a weird toe

  • big toe

    thats just toe Sex.....One toe humping another. Happens all the time

  • Eric

    Beware!!! The alien toe from outer space. It has taken control of her whole body. Who will be next?

  • Mandamus

    Dude.. how empty is your life that this is what keeps you occupied?

  • Nick

    Pretty fucking empty!




  • Anonymous

    Can't be. You are the editor of a famous online Hollywood site. You get to rub shoulders and make small talk with all the beautiful women and nipples that appear daily on Celebslam.

  • dxbravo

    Enough of this guy.

  • v4vendetta14

    She has to stop stuffing those dogs into shoes that are two sizes too small. Gross, just cut that little guy off. He isn't contributing to the loco-motion process anyway.

  • Wiredeth

    I think it's good luck to cross your toes.

  • Anonymous

    That evil toe has Ben under her spell LOL.

  • Horny John

    what's your obsession with the washed old hag?

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