Christina Aguilera drunk, Christina Aguilera sober

After 2 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours, 9 minutes, 47 Red Bulls, and 1 restraining order taken out against me by a Pizza Hut delivery man (extra sauce means extra sauce, asshole), I finally found a picture of Tara Reid sober. Unfortunately it was taken at her 7th birthday party in 1982, so for this gallery, I had to use a computer-generated picture of what scientists believe a sober Tara Reid may look like. As always, click around. 10 celebrities, 21 pics.

*21 pics total in the gallery:

  • Before and After Drunk Celebrities
  • Cindy Crawford Sober
  • Cindy Crawford Drunk
  • Jessica Simpson Sober
  • Jessica Simpson Drunk

[Flynet, WENN, Pacific Coast News]
  • tigerlily

    ithink brittany spears was doing an ozzy impersonation hehe lol

  • Rick_Humbl

    Even Lindsey Lohan's sober pic looks like she's hi on something

  • Sprmcandy

    I love Kate Moss.

  • Nina Reid

    I think Kid Rock and Lindsay Lohan's pics are actually different stages of drunk....

  • Rake Maker

    What a reflective picture. She has to be thinking what has my useless gunch ass done to deserve my celebrity?

  • Rake Maker

    Who busted this gunch's lips? He needs to be locked up or congratulated!

  • Rake Maker

    There is no question this talentless, ugly, overrated, slagassed slut had to have rendered a number of knob jobs to someone in Hollywood. This useless ugly slag isn't even worth banging for a part.

  • Rake Maker

    How do stupid talentless white trash morons bilk stupid kids out of their money? What a country!

  • Rake Maker

    Ma you seen the Meathead, I mean Michael? What a useless waste of space. A real talentless, space wasting piece of shit.

  • Rake Maker

    A useless, talentless, lard assed piece of total sloth shit. What a waste of space and a great argument for pro choice advocates.

  • Rake Maker

    Ha ha ha can you imagine meeting her made up at a bar and waking up with this? This chick is shit without makeup. Give me a natural beauty any day of the week. One that can hop out of bed wash her face and be ready to go out in public, not these fake made up slags.

  • Amit Hire

    wow superb

  • Jessica Simpson looks better drunk. Bwahahahahaha

  • Watcher

    Stoned..... totally stoned on drugs.... forget the "drunk".

  • Sprmcandy


  • Sprmcandy

    Pretty lady.

  • Bear_nutts

    There not just drunk, throw in a little coke and maybe even some prescription medicine then this article will bee more accurate.

  • Diana

    These pictures of wasted celebrities are so nasty! And they call themselves good role models? Last time I checked good role models don't get wasted

  • They look better sober but they will go down on a man when they're drunk. Not this man of course.....well, if they are real, real drunk, maybe.

  • Effyewinthea

    When the pupils are the size of nickels, it's not drunk, but club drugs, usually. god bless her!

  • Paul_bearer56

    cuz they r E Z then

  • LOL, Lindsay's photo sober is like the other celeb's drunk photo.

  • Jim

    Yeah, get a clue dummy...................

  • Nataliabennett83

    i think these pics except for 2 are fake

  • Nataliabennett83

    i think these pics with the exceptionfake of 2 are

  • Blowmydog

    Oh my, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Kid Rock drunk. Who would have thought?

  • John Bean1

    Soooo, Jessica Simpson drunk=Cameron Diaz?

  • Hamza Benli

    westcoast niggaz

  • xiaopig

    the lips r sexy.
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  • anyone

    Pictures can be deceiving.

  • Kim Kardashian drunk at New Year show... http://fancyfashionnews.blogsp...

  • Tesfay

    a good photo

  • Guest

    Lindsay is HIGH in her "sober" picture, lol. Look at the eyes.

  • chris

    thats how i like my girls. huge rack, blonde hair, and drunk enough to agree to anything

  • Boris

    no difference in the kid rock pics.

  • None

    I like how Kid Rock actually looked better when he was drunk :)

  • Metalrolf

    What a waste of time being on here. And? no, I won't be back. Goodbye forever.

  • Wowgags
  • guest

    Ya this is dumb most of the pics aren't even of the celebrities drunk they are just making awkward faces in the pictures.. lame!

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