Aspen in tough on crime

It was reported last month that Charlie Sheen was facing up to 45 days in jail for that little incident on Christmas Day in Aspen. Luckily for him, he struck a plea to serve only 30 days. And even better, he serving his time in Aspen, the only place more lenient on crime-committing celebrities that Hollywood. From TMZ:
Charlie is eligible for work release while he serves his 30-day sentence for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault. We've learned Charlie will work at Theatre Aspen, a renowned professional theater, where he will coach actors, help in the fundraising department and perform various other tasks.  Although it is work release, Charlie will not accept a salary.
To recap, for punishment for holding a knife to his wife's throat and threatening to kill her, Charlie has been sentenced to hone his craft at a professional theater company in one of the most luxurious cities in the world. I know it's harsh, but sometimes you just gotta send a message.

As for coaching actors, what exactly is he supposed to help them with? Charlie's on Two and Half Men. They're probably doing Shakespeare at this theatre company. I guess he could help them with how to act once they hit it big. "The trick is to hide your wallet before the hookers show up to your room, in case they handcuff you to the bed and try to rob you."

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  • Tom

    This is bullshit !!! This fuck grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and because of it, gets away with this with a slap on his limp wrist. Any other person in this society that did the same thing would spend much time IN JAIL. The law seems to always look the other way every time when celebrity breaks the law. I have had enough and it's time something ius done about it. People should boycott all the advertisers on his TV show. Maybe that message will get the point across.........

  • PitBullLover

    if i hear or see one more word on this douche bag i will vomit

    he was even mentioned on my channel 5 news last night


    what is so freaking noteworthy about this waste of space?

    great article

    well put

    he blows

  • Anonymous

    He is a war hero, and actor/celeb. That is why.

  • Dex Dexter

    Well, look at the pictures, he is nuts.

  • Johnny Eumarr

    Leniency just reconfirms for him that he can do anything and get away with it.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if post traumatic stress made him crack and threaten his wife? It might have. A lot of combat vets have it.

  • Paul

    This is terrible what they are doing to a decorated war hero former SEAL. This is the thanks that Charlie gets for surviving many dangerious missions behind terrorist and enemy lines.

    Hopefully his SEAL POW training will help him get through his jail time. Charlie deserved much better treatment than this. With his training his hands are deadly weapons and if he wanted his wife dead, she would be dead and no one would ever know or find the body.

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