Kendra Wilkinson tried to sell her sex tape

Well knock me over with a feather, but it turns out known-whore Kendra Wilkinson not only knew about the sex tape featuring her and an ex-boyfriend, but actively tried to release it herself. Shocking, I know. Radar says:
Documents acquired by confirm that the Playboy pinup was in the process of releasing the tapes herself a year and a half ago! According to the documents, a company (which Wilkinson would own and control) would be formed and Wilkinson’s team would shop the tape around soliciting offers. Wilkinson would also be able to mandate how the tape would be edited before it was sent to potential buyers.

While several media outlets cited sources claiming the blonde beauty is “devastated” and “humiliated” by the tapes potentially going public and worried it will harm her marriage to Hank Baskett, has also learned that Wilkinson was figuring out a way to release them herself well into her relationship with the professional football player and even after the couple’s engagement was announced.
Not helping Kendra's claim that she's "devastated" and knew nothing about the sex tape is the fact that she actually recorded commentary for the DVD. "See that desk my boyfriend's fucking me on? There's actually a really funny story about that. So we were on vacation in Mexico -- 2002 I believe -- and we found the cutest little shop . . ."

*15 pics total in the gallery:

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  • Thumbnail: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape 1
  • Thumbnail: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape 2
  • Thumbnail: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape 3
  • Thumbnail: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape 4
  • Thumbnail: Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape 5
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  • billy

    if i wanted to see her nude i would just go and pick up a copy of playboy that she was in...she is a really sexi woman,i would like to see her again!!! she rocks my world.

  • Casper

    What a killer frame she have.All I can say is:

    please help me make it threw the night.

  • Mith

    Holy Shit.! Are you F'n kidding me?! Shes a useless twat.

  • Anonymous

    Kendra has a very nice family

  • Nisha

    You guys have no life. Yall are worried about her. She has it all more than all of u guys on here. Talking about she is a whore all the guys she slept with. Get over yourself. She did it now she is doing something diff. Everyone has a second chance at life including u guys on here with your sorry comments about her...

  • Leigh Sanders

    This woman's claim to fame is from being a prostitute. Is anyone surprised by anything she does?

  • Anonymous

    the bitch starts to cry whenever people are beginning to forget her.

  • prakash rupani

    really sexxxxxxxxxxy

  • touseef


  • konababe

    there is nothing innocent about kendra and for her to put this tape out into the public after she's gotten married and had a child, something kinda trashy about that.

    She should have sold it for money when it was made, not now.

    it's one thing to ruin your own reputation and quite another to involve the entire family.

  • helmet head

    if she had as much black peckers sticking out of her as she had stuck in her she would look like a portupine

  • Overload

    So this is everything?:

    The most shortest boring sextape ever..

  • Sprmcandy

    She is 'ok'.

  • Anonymous

    yep she's such a private person that she has a reality show to keep it that way

  • candiruacu

    2nd show, actually


    I think some of you guys aren't being entirely sincere while extolling K's innocence

  • ignorant people are ignorant

    SWEET AND INNOCENT!!! You people are living in a fantasy world. This is some kind of news to you guys? Coming from the chick who grew up hanging out with the wrong people, doing the wrong things. This is seriously shocking? I am not surprised one bit. I will watch the video just like the rest of the internet. Once a whore...always a whore. SORRY HANK NO CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE FOR YOU!!!!

  • just me

    your all sick i dought any of this is real. alot of people make sex tapes what is the problem? ANd she is getting black maied her self.

  • jeeeeesus

    GTFO with your shitty shitty english.

  • phil

    cant wait to see it

  • wolf5150

    Of course she remembers making the sex tape.

    Who could forget the 19th dick she sucked in a row. I'm sure the "shock" will wear off after the semen on her face dries and the rest of the team leaves.

  • Teal

    Poor Hank!! LMAO!!!

  • Jeff Little of Troy Ohio

    I always thought that Kendra had a manly face.


    Finally a sex tape worth seeing. Her pre baby bod was smokin!!! Not like watching Grim LardAssian get pissed on or Shauna Sand's corpse impression. When do we get preview pics???

  • Kendra

    My Vag is infected with black sea-men ..

  • Me Next

    Works for me!!! I's a Sailor & a Brother.....Where do I sign up?

  • Eric

    I find all this hard to believe. Kendra is such a class act. In person she is so soft spoken, modest, and considerate of others. I can believe that in the past, in her innocence and trust, she was talked into makeing a private sex tape. After all there is nothing wrong with being passionate, in private, with someone you love and trust. I also believe that the possible public realease of this very private tape has stricken her to her very core. Kendra really is a very private type of person.

  • Guy LeVasseur

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    take a look at these 12 photos here :

  • Roger


  • Bob

    Come on Guy.

    A real woman - in a way that is probably true as I can go to the local grocery store and see an overweight shiela like this.

  • Carlos

    She's an elegant lady, so I'm shocked. I've been in the same room with her and let me tell you I now know how it must have felt like to be in the presence of Princess Diana, after becoming accustomed to the smell of semen and Tough Actin' Tinactin.

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