The Kendra Wilkinson sex tape cover

Vivid released an image of the already-infamous Kendra Wilkinson sex tape today (the release of the DVD has been delayed until early June). I like how they used notebook paper on the cover to really drive home the point that this tape looks like it was shot when Kendra was still a sophomore in high school. I also like how a "bonus celebrity disk" is included. Before, the main reason I was going to buy this was to beat off. Now, it's for the value. I'd be a fool to pass it up.

*5 pics total in the gallery:

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  • danjhones

    I watched it at

    Great HD Quality and The Audio Great also


  • john f

    Just watched Kendra's sex tape at and Kendra is sooo slutty

  • Kendra

    Watch Kendra Wilkinson Video at:

  • Jenn

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  • matt



  • celebma

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  • LOL

    @ anonymous, She agreed to release it and shes gunna be making a nice profit off of it.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think they should release this video, now shes a mom(which she should of thought about it before)but, of course, she was only a sophomore..just leave her alone!!! i hope she and hank overcome this nasty situation


    WHO *IS* this prositute and (((why))) should I care????

  • Anonymous

    How can the have a "bonus celebrity disc" when the MAIN dvd doesn't even feature a real celebrity?

  • Paul

    I Hope The Bonus Disc is Of Hugh Hefner Banging Kendra .. I Would Love To See His Wrinkled Genitals ..

  • celebmas

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