Jamie Lynn Spears' home in Liberty, Mississippi

Jamie Lynn Spears might actually be serious about going to college and doin' some of that book learnin'. She's selling her house in Liberty, Mississippi. From Pacific Coast News:
Listing information for Miss Spears' gated spread indicates the 2,528 square foot Acadian style house has 3 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The red front door opens directly into the main living space, a wood beamed, open plan that stretches from the front to the back of the house. The living area has hardwood floors, paned windows that span to the floor and a fireplace. The kitchen/dining area has beige tile floors, large windows that look out towards the barns in the back yard, custom cabinetry, granite counter tops. There is a shop/office with a half bathroom attached to the house by a breeze way as well as a corral or two and a couple of additional outbuildings including a 40' x 40' horse barn and a 20' x 30' workshop.
And it also includes a beautiful front porch. In fact, you can still see the grove marks in the porch where Jamie Lynn used to sit in her rocking chair and stare off into the distance, reflecting where her life went terribly terrible wrong. You don't find that kind of character in a house too often.

*6 pics total in the gallery:

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • mj

    I'm not seeing the grooves.

  • Diane

    Whether you like her or not, she was a very successful actress on Nickelodeon (Teen Nick) - she had a show called Zoey 101 which ran for about 3 years. So, she obviously worked hard during that time to earn money to buy her home.

    I'm not some teenage fan either, I'm a parent in my 40's.

    Geez, we pass judgment soooo quickly. She always seemed to be more focused, and definitely more talented acting-wise, than her big sister. She and her bf obviously made a lifechanging bad decision, but so did alot of other teens.

    I wish her the best.

  • Anonymous

    How does that offend you...you seem jealous. As "Mailey" said, the house seems pretty average anyway. Everyone deserves to have a decent home, even overrated celebrities.

  • Anonymous

    this comment was intended as a reply to "Strang"'s previous reply

  • Johnny Eumarr

    Where's the still?

  • Paul

    She worked hard for her modest cottage in the county. Leave the girl alone, she has never hurt anyone.

  • strang

    You know what offends me about this story? That JLS even owns a home. There is no possible way that she worked and earned the money to pay for a house like that... at her age...

    This is what is wrong with society and youth today: they keep on making mistakes and they keep on getting rewarded.


  • Mailey

    What are you talking about?? That house isn't even that glamorous! She could have built alot fancier if she had chosen to, and she is in a highly paying industry so I'd say that house is minimal damage...

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