Celine Dion has too much money

So Celine Dion is building a freaking waterpark in the backyard of her new $20 million waterfront mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida (that's the guest house above). You read that correctly. A waterpark. It has a lazy river, a huge pool, and multiple waterslides. Wow, this totally brings back memories of the waterpark I had in my backyard when I was growing up. It was a garden hose with holes punched in it. Screw you Celine Dion's kids.

*14 pics total in the gallery:

  • Thumbnail: Celine Dion Waterpark House 1
  • Thumbnail: Celine Dion Waterpark House 2
  • Thumbnail: Celine Dion Waterpark House 3
  • Thumbnail: Celine Dion Waterpark House 4
  • Thumbnail: Celine Dion Waterpark House 5
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  • A waterpark. It has a lazy river, a huge pool, and multiple waterslides.

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  • miriam kiti

    congrats u share a name with my 7 yrs old daugher and she says when she grows up she would want to own a house like yours but if u have two u can donate one to her!

  • Pat_McGroin

    Imagine how much money she'd have if she could sing!

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  • Brittany

    Congrats Celine! I think you deserve it! After all you do & all you have been through, you deserve a beautiful house & all of the wealth! God Bless you!

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  • Johnny Eumarr

    "Kid": the long-haired dude with Crocs and a girl's name.

  • Acemeister

    She's a riverpig! Soul-less entertainer.

  • Ok,Thnx for your comment, keep it up writing similar issue, I'll be pleased to hear extra stuff you.

  • Anonymous

    Damn...talk about overkill.

    A zillion pools and whole freakin' waterpark---plus you have access to a private beach.

    I bet Celine Dion cannot even freakin' swim.

  • master yoda

    That setup looks pretty fun. Keep spending that money, Celine, the economy need you!

  • tch

    I heard she invited all the kids from New Orleans over for a chicken and watermelon weekend.

  • Anonymous

    fuck u

  • WOW!

  • master yoda

    and don't forget the green apple jolly ranchers.

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