Gloria Allred and Rachel Uchitel at LAX last December

Tiger Woods actually paid one of his whores $10 million. Not for sex. Although that wouldn't really surprise me at this point. It was hush money. Wait a minute . . . I thought he had 20+ whores? Um, he needs a new accountant. From TMZ:
There were numerous reports Rachel settled on the brink of holding a Gloria Allred-style news conference for anywhere between $2 - 5 million.

But our sources -- and they are good -- tell TMZ Tiger was so concerned with the depth and detail of information from Alleged Mistress #1 that they folded like a cheap suit, and offered the huge $10 million sum in return for an ironclad confidentiality agreement.

TMZ has learned the actual settlement could fluctuate $1 million either way, depending on future circumstances. But the baseline is $10 mil.

Compare Rachel's settlement with what other A.M's received, if they got anything at all. We're told several mistresses got several hundred thousand dollars, and others got nothing. That speaks volumes about how much Rachel knows.
You've got to hand it to Rachel. That much money for spreading your legs is pretty impressive. Even I would fuck Tiger Woods for $10 million and I don't even have a vagina. She's such an inspiration -- a true American hero in every sense of the word. Because of Rachel, no longer will a whore have second thoughts about asking for an eight-digit payoff from their billionaire boyfriend. Because of Rachel, future generations of women will no longer fear the ramifications that come from extorting your boyfriend. She's the Jackie Robinson of whores.

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  • Celebrity Blog

    I don't believe this is true.This woman is a whore.

  • The Oracle

    No, she is a very astute business women. She has more money sense than all the women in congress.

  • tch

    Rachel is the "Hole" package. Operates as a madame for Tiger and then steps in as a pinch hitter when her arranged for talent doesn't show. Drug dealer, madame, call girl. She is one with never ending talents. Oh, yeah blackmailing extortionist. Class. Pure class. That being said I would knock her bottom out and motorboat her big knockers and invite her over to meet the family the next day to get the extortion out of the way.

  • Vinny "Two Shakes" Gotti

    He could have had her whacked for much, much less... fuhgetaboutit.

  • Paul

    Like Jesse, Tiger only taps the very best of the exotic talent.

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