Michelle Trachtenberg got fat

The picture on the left was taken at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last November. The picture on the right was taken earlier this month at the The American Museum of Natural History's "Museum Dance." So, roughly a four-month gap. In related news, Random House announced yesterday that Michelle's new book The Joy of Bacon -- which coincidentally took four-months to write --- is finished and set to hit store shelves this summer.

*10 pics total in the gallery:

  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 1
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 2
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 3
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 4
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 5
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 1
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 2
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 3
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 4
  • Thumbnail: Michelle Trachtenberg Got Fat 5
  • tiffany

    I think she looks beautiful. She's not fat. -__- How the heck do you thin she looks fat?

  • Ugly girl

    Oh no, the 90 pound girl now weighs 100. You're a prick.

  • 2868

    You should see her now.


  • becca

    are you fucking serious? she looks gorgeous in both of those pictures.

  • Kalmbach

    They're called hips, people, and they can be very, very nice. I'm of the opinion that most of the ones complaining about how 'fat' she is--that is, no longer looking like she'll snap in a strong breeze--have never enjoyed the feeling of a woman with curves, or any woman, for that matter. But I do have to agree with the other assessments, that she could use a bit more sunlight. Then again, she may just be that color naturally, at it is exaggerated by black clothing and flash photography.

  • Chris

    Seen above: Some ignorant self-important moronic jerkasses who actually think the Michelle on the right is "fat."

    Good lord. Celebrity culture's obsession with being twig-thin is getting more ludicrous every day. I'd suggest someone stretch a skin over a skeleton and try to market it as a hot new young starlet in order to prove a point, but I'm seriously worried it would get offered a modeling contract.

  • Wynne

    OMG, she looks like she eats more than two lettuce leaves a day! What a pig. Does she have no restraint?

    Seriously, whoever calls this fat needs to take off their anorexia-colored glasses. It's partially the camera angles, too; you chose the worst of that photo shoot. Pathetic. Get over yourself and your catty, misogynistic, unhealthy, dangerous bs. Women come in different sizes, and the only things that should actually repel anyone are anorexia and obesity, NOT normal, healthy limbs which happen to be slightly thicker than they used to be. Everyone puts on a few pounds during the transition from teenager to adult woman.

  • Laota

    For christ's sake, she looks the same in all the photos. Some douche just picked out one of her in a slimming pose and dress, and put it next to one with a less flattering combo to fool the feeble-minded and fuel gossip. Looks like it worked!

  • Lina

    If that's what you call "being fat"

    She looks perfectly fine, even healthier!

    Also, there's no need to be cruel... The comment under the photograph is totally disrespectful, I'm sure that if someone said something like that about whoever wrote it, you'd feel like shit

  • Louis

    I'd hit it.

  • Anon

    IMHO She looks way better in the right photo

  • Ramone

    How much do you wanna bet the author is fat? Usually it's fat girls that pick on other girls' weights

  • Jack

    Holy shit, she has boobs and hips.

    I would actually have sex with her now.

    All the guys whining about a woman attaining female sexual characteristics need to come the f*ck outta the closet...

  • Dallas William Jericho

    She looks beautiful. She always has. Some of you need to learn some respect.

  • Vegaz

    I love her new figure

  • pony

    shes not fat! shes hot... she looks better bigger.. its obvious she gained weight.. that is what a real woman looks like.. in the first picture she looks younger and not as curvy.. way better in the second...

  • Ria

    She was emaciated-troll skinny before. She looks like a good jewish girl with hips now. Yummy!


    It's the Christina Hendricks effect. Christina is hot commodity right now in Hollywood. So, all the female starlettes are probably saying: "Hey, if she can be curvy and hippy, and still be in demand, why can't I?" So they pig out! That's what I think. I mean look at Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, Kate Hudson... and now, Michelle Trachtenberg.

  • Cankles, meaty & thickened calves and plump thighs are sexy. Ususally booty is enlarged on these ho's and good for spanking.

  • Dooby-Scoo

    Try all you like, you can't fight genetics. Michelle is meant to be more "full figured", like a younger, Lorraine Bracco. That's just the way it is.

  • Miss Bitch


  • shiba

    She's a LITTLE girl - even if she weren't petite sized, an extra 5 lbs looks like 15 lbs on camera. Give people eating disorders much?!

  • world of morons

    Fat? Who the fuck are you kidding!!!!!! That one pic may be a little badly lit, but in the others she looks NO different than ever. Gorgeous girl. You need to try harder. Pathetic.


    @Joe, Average- and you're totally a gay dude. No straight guy I know wouldn't hit that.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like an average female you'd see walking down the street. probably not good enough for holywood. time to hit the gym, missy!

  • Anna

    Her eggo is preggo

  • Anonymous

    shes definitely gained weight.. still hot tho.

  • l

    maybe she got knocked up?

  • JC

    She needs a new makeup artist more than she needs a new personal trainer.

  • cn

    people wake the fuck up SHE IS FAT!

  • tch

    I hear the swoosh of her inner thighs rubbing.

  • Renton

    Holy sheeet.


  • Lady

    okay yes.... she has definitely gained weight. and if i were in her position, I'd want to change something about it.

    but she's not so big that it's a danger to her health yet.

    and it's not keeping her from getting work as an actress.

    so i don't really see the problem.

    how many unknown-to-her people want to bang her doesn't change anything professionally as long as shes got the skill set. which she does.

  • pak

    besides the obvious weight gain bitch needs to get a tan. holy shit i need sunglasses to look at those pics

  • OMFG

    That has to be a stunt double. How the hell did she gain so much weight?

  • David French

    You are an idiot.

  • B Davis

    All the boys

    Are rolling their eyes,

    Cuz she's got

    Mischa Barton thighs.

  • johnson

    This bitch has some CANCKLES. Before and fatter

  • XYZ

    What if the fatter woman is another person? Simply, so many famous persons have doubles, so why not her too? Its smth normal.

  • Giulia

    She surely gained weight but she's not fat. And the first picture is not flattering.

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