Kim Kardashian regrets doing Playboy

Apparently forgetting that everyone had already seen her lady parts on video (as well as doing the unthinkable to Ray J's penis), Kim Kardashian tells the new issue of Harper's Bazaar that she regrets posing nude for Playboy back in 2007. From Radar:
Kim Kardashian is having stripper’s regret. The reality star now says she is sorry she took it all off for Playboy magazine in 2007.  And she blames her mom  for pushing her into it.

"I’m sorry I did Playboy.  I was uncomfortable," Kim tells Harper’s Bazaar in a new interview where she - ironically - strips down again.  

So why did she do Playboy?  Her mom Kris Jenner told her to "go for it," recalls Kim, who also quotes her mom as saying, "They might never ask you again.  Our show isn’t on the air yet.  No one knows who you are.  Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age."
It must be nice having a mom that pushes you into doing uncomfortable things like posing nude for a magazine that millions of men across the world will masturbate to. All my mom ever did was push me into going to college and getting a degree that made me a more valuable member of society. Thanks for nothing mom!

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    Why would she regret it? Would have NEVER met Kanye otherwise,,,

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  • ree

    why would she regret that sex tape? it made her who is today lol

  • Woif

    Thats the best news I read these days

    Thank you!

  • Carlos

    Compared to what you made William Raymond Norwood, Jr. do to your face, neck, and chest, posing for Playboy is as honorable as getting Knighted by the Queen of England while simultaneously saving a bus full of orphans, you sloppy heifer.

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    Bare what!!! It was more like a maxim photo shoot with a few nip slips. Much like Heidi's who Kim recommended. Sex tape was pretty much the same. She's hot I won't lie, she got work done to look great, but I felt she stepped up to the plate to bat and didn't swing.

  • KKHater

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    I would eat that, but I wish her nipples were bigger.

  • Deano

    Agreed ..big nipples are the best!!

  • James

    Kim shouldn't be regretful about anything. She's beautiful.

  • Ryan G.

    I would think that the video of black c*ck in her mouth and lady parts would be a little more regretful. However, she did make millions because of it....

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  • Anonymous

    X 10000000

    The sex tape should be her biggest regret but it made her.

    Now, Kim's just pissed @ PB because she got minimum wage for showing it all.

    If she waited and did it now; Hefner would have just given her a blank check for her to fill out.

  • Joe, Average

    thank you for these pictures

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