Olivia Munn at the 3rd Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala at bar210 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel (3/4)

You can add Jamie Foxx to the list of guys who would love to split Olivia Munn like a piece of firewood. FYI, the current list (in alphabetic order):


From the New York Post:
Jamie Foxx spent the night flirting with gorgeous Olivia Munn at the Hollywood Domino Gala the other night. "Foxx looked enthralled," a spy told us. "He appeared to be taking her number before they left the party together, along with her female friend." Munn recently split from "How to Make It in America" star Brian Greenberg.
This sort of story is totally going to ruin Olivia's street cred with her nerd fan base. As a G4 channel host who's most famous for dressing up as Princess Leia, leaving a party with a guy that's actually cool can't be good for her career. If Olivia really wants to stay relevant, she needs to keep the fantasy alive for 27-year-old virgins everywhere -- by dating guys that look less like Jamie Foxx and more like McLovin.

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  • Not a technogeek

    I'd eat pudding out of her butt-crack. No lie, I'd drink her bathwater. She's prettier than these pics show her to be, and I have no doubt that her on-screen/public persona isn't very far from her real-life personality. Not the best actress, but ultra-confident nonetheless. I'd eat fresh chili from between her thighs.

  • jay

    haha is olivia munn herself. can't you picture her saying that crap? she sucks. fugly bitch.

  • Jack Crowe

    I dont think Munn is blowing Jamie Foxx and if she is then fuck her!

    I don't think neither of Foxx or Munn's so called "talent" as none of them are proven their worth by real credible sources like YOU and ME.

    She (Munn) will one day make a bad move and we will see it here firsthand, be it a porn flick or some rant against someone at a mall.

    And finally, I think "haha" is a retarded Emo who is barely 17 yrs old... If this fucknut "haha" is above 17yrs old then I am afraid the U.S. has lost its mind!

  • dave

    dear haha:

    1. she lives in hollywood.

    2. she works in hollywood.

    3. no one ever said she was a "starlet" or an actress. she lacks the talent and will never be either.

    4. she may have a nerdy side (but wouldn't that

    imply that she's intelligent? her intelligence

    is debatable at this point and she is most definitely NOT CUTE.

    5. does that clear things up for you? thanks for playing.

  • sdiddy

    jamie foxx is a total homo and a dirty caveman who licks dirty feces covered assholes and doesnt brush his teeth. disgusting vile animal

  • haha

    for a bunch of angry dbags on the web, you sure don't know much about her. she is a video game/nerd/tech chick. she's not a "hollywood" starlet, you dimwits. just a cute girl with a nerdy side.

    also, um, in case you haven't noticed, jamie foxx has ended up being pretty accomplished and a far cry from the old days of In Living Color and the like.

  • JWAdvocate

    Oscar? Check.

    Grammy? Check.

    Golden Globe? Check.

    Yeah, no talent whatsoever. Welcome to trolltown.

  • andy

    seriously? this is the slop that hollywood is churning out??

    U G L Y she ain't got no alibi. wouldn't hit it with someone else's dick.

    there's more talent in lincoln, nebraska and this chick thinks she's good enough for hollywood. she must give amazing head cuz i can't see how she has a career otherwise.

    i'd rather look at nude yeti pics.

  • Nate

    Jamie Foxx cool? Who's crack pip are you sharing with bro? Mother fucker can't act every movie is in flops everyone hates the motherfucker apart from crack heads like you.

    Oh and totally don't believe any of these stories. No VIDEO? It never happen.

  • Sloane

    She doesn't look very toned. You would think she'd have a personal trainer/ diet consultant at this point. Not very pretty in the face either. She is famous why?

  • aland

    i honestly, honestly, honestly do not get her appeal. i mean, she's ok, but she's pretty average and even below par by hollywood standards. i see prettier girls walking down the street at least twice a week, and i live in denver. there were hotter girls in my graduating class.

    sorry, but i have to pass.

  • puking

    Another wanna-be slut slurping the chocolate bar for a minutes worth of fame. Jamie Foxx? Total ass wipe with the talent of a toad.

  • Paul

    She has a dusky, yet pure, beauty.

  • tch

    Like the way she has both hands attached to the bottom of her dress keeping is pulled down. She is a smart girl and is waiting for her time to make a move.

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