Lisa Marie Presley arriving to Annabels nightclub in London last October

I guess it's fatty day here on Celebslam. I know, sorry. I promise I'll make up for it later with pictures of skinny people, and if you're lucky, maybe even a few with eating disorders. From the National Enquirer:
Lisa Marie Presley's weight has recently ballooned to 165 pounds, friends believe, and they fear new binge eating could be endangering her health. The chunky mother of four needs to lose at least 40 pounds, medical experts say, or put herself at risk of a fatal heart attack.

Shocking new photos in the print edition clearly show Lisa Marie's dramatic weight gain, especially her paunchy midsection, and The Enquirer can now reveal the secret heartaches behind her potentially deadly health crisis.

Close sources say she may be traumatized by the sudden death of her ex-husband Michael Jackson, frustrated by her stalled music career and battling to shed the baby weight she never lost after giving birth to twins.
I couldn't care less about this story -- I just wanted to use it to illustrate how fat Kirstie Alley is. That 165 pounds Lisa Marie has "ballooned" to? That's actually Kirstie Alley's "dream weight." It's also the number of wings she can down in one sitting. True story.

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  • Thumbnail: Lisa Marie Presley Fat 1
  • Thumbnail: Lisa Marie Presley Fat 2
  • Thumbnail: Lisa Marie Presley Fat 3
  • Thumbnail: Lisa Marie Presley Fat 4
  • Thumbnail: Lisa Marie Presley Fat 5
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  • mimi

    LMP,,,bitch can you please DIE...

  • Aston

    She needs to learn to handle things like a mentally balanced person. She is arrogant, harsh brass and has been almost all her life.

    Her weight is not bad at all given the woman had twins. But leave Michael out of it. I hate people who use the dead to ease their conscience.

    And to the people that claim to love her so much, they should be encouraging her to live on and keep her marriage together, since she feels in Michael Lockwood she found her soul mate. I will say this is the happeist I have seen her with anyone.

    But her taste for morbidity and beating dead horses have been her down fall.

    Stay a fan. You're more than entitled.

  • Vexi

    Aston, Lisa might have said some uncalled things then, but it was OUT OF HURT. Lisa is not an arrogant, harsh person; she is beautiful and sweet. I don't care how much you say about her, you're not going to change how much I am a fan of her. So I hate that you wasted your time then, but it never worked.

  • Aston

    One more thing, they were NT friends at the end and hadn't spoken for years. So she is using his fans to get pity for herself. I'm sorry if what she feels is guilt, but leave us alone and go take care of your family.

    Pull up her interviews on youtube and you'll see how kind she was. She didn't care about him when she was chasing him , she was trying to derstroy his marriage when Michael found out she lied about children. She promised before the marriage not after as she has told it. She did him a favor. He has some loving, kind kids. No telling what it would have been had he had any with her, but no worries that was NOT going to happen THANK GOD!

  • Aston

    I suggest you go back to as early as 2001 and especially 2005 and on. She said plenty of deragatory things about Michael, especially during his trail. He was a freak, he was a mistake, he was a weird, and that was the polite stuff. She went on and on up until a few months before his death. She was in Marie Claire bashing him.

    The only person this selfish nobody is crying for is herself. Read her blog carefully. It reads like this, I know I bashed him and it will cause ME to be looked down on badly so let me tell you this to save my butt. LM is doing what she's doing for attention and to save face.

    She has the board that now owns EPE to answer to and I'm sure they didn't invest a fortune for this foul mouth monster to ruin it. Sure, she's crying , but as usual she's using Michael in death as she did in life.

    Another thing. She should stay the hell out of Forest Lawn. Roses were his favorite and to tell his fans that stay at the courthouse who were there when she was on the leech wgaon with the rest of them they are not doing enough, shows what kinda of a person she truly is.

    Michal's fans leave flowers and gifts all the time. They just have to keep the place clean. Roses were his favorite by the ay per him and his duaghter. Look at the pics of his home and you will see alot but few if any sunflowers. And some poor souls beolieve it. The Jackson's never learn. She'll burn them again.


    guys cut it OUT! lisa did nothing to deserve that

    @LMP FAN named VEXI your right thankss to the people who dont bash Lisa. shes a wonderful woman, shes not fat! and this has NOTHINg to do with Michael Jackson, so why does he pops up in this story!!!

  • LMP FAN named Vexi

    First off, @squirl: Shut the F up! Lisa saying, "Oh god!" when reminded she married Michael is not saying anything bad about him. She never did. And she isn't getting karma.

    @Erika: I completely agree with you.

    @yaso: You may get off of here and get a meaningful life. Lisa is beautiful;; and she is also beautiful inside;; something you probably won't have.

  • yaso

    UGLY as her usual,,,

  • Erika

    LEAVE LISA ALONE!!!!! Dosent the press have something better to do. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!

  • kath

    well said Jan.......leave her alone stupid media,,,,,i feel sorry for those who didn't ask to be famous,,,cause they are watched an critiqued and they didn't ask for it. The ones that wanted to be famous.....sorry thats what comes with it. I am glad I am not "famous" so people just wanting to cash in wont' be in my face minding my business like those people. Oh and yah, toothpicks are not all that.....its sad that we have all been taught to hate ourselves if we are not a size 4.

  • Jan Skylar


    I decided I am way self important and my opinion is the greatest becaude I am a total genius.

    I also wrote 'becaude' so someone can correct my mistake because I am descended from ultra intelligent super beings of magnificent opinion, who draw upon a deep well of self importance, and secret cowardice.

    Ummm. Now that that is outta the way.

    The ultimate opinion.

    Get ready for this America!


    She is bigger than she used to be.

    So let's all cry about it! Cuz we all suck.

    What will I do about it?

    Nothing probably.

    I actually like it as long as she doesn't get to unhealthy proportions (which she doesn't look big enough to be at yet no matter what the media wants to tell you so they can further sensationalize the story thus attracting more attention thus selling more copies thus getting more advertising dollars).

    Some meat on a woman is damn nice.

    Can you really deny that?

    We are talking women here and not pre-pubescent athletic boys, right?

    A 42 year old woman.

    She looks great for her age.

    Now think about all this, boys and girls of the message board, right down your thought (after correcting me that it is 'write' not 'right' and that 'thought' should be pluralized), and we will read them aloud tomorrow morning in class.

    Thank you,

    Jan Skylar

  • Captain Hackett

    She looks like she ate Elvis and the whole "Memphis Mafia" combined.

  • squirl

    well I guess all the horrible things she said about michael is finally coming back to get her. just like karma to get you in a way that only makes you look like crap bt feel like it as well. good job lisa. oh nand susyq if you saw her in the mag. she had on a sweater and sweats and her gut was still hanging out

  • Pissed off

    Lisa looks fine, and always did. Hell yes she has money; her father made dame good and sure she did. What is wrong with that?

    She did not say shit about the fucked up family of the Jacksons. Hell she did him a favor by being seen with him. Think about it. To clear up about him being a child-molester and. Because Jackson and Lisa knew each other from when they were young, it was for show only.

    Who gives a shit how much she weighs for shit sakes, she is not that big. She is a beautiful woman, and a hell of a singer?

    Her father was a hell of a performer on stage and a legend with his music. He did not get the name the KING for nothing and when you assholes make a comment about how he died you are taking about her Father. (Get some class about your self’s) how would you feel if someone make shitty comments about your dead parents.

    Pissed off in TX

  • Mary

    For crissakes, doesn't the media have anything better to do? Oh I forgot---no they don't. Their sole mission in life is to print pictures of everyone who's overweight or anorexic and then bitch about it. Like it matters to anyone else.

    Why would anyone give a shit if Lisa Marie weighs 165 lbs? WHO CARES?

    Fuck off and leave people alone.

  • Caden Canyon ||| hex@yahoogrou

    A Scientologist gets what she deserves. :-)

  • tch

    Stalled music career? Wouldn't that mean that she had one? On a positive note she is 42 years young and every day she lives is a day longer than her father lived. Keep eating those fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches Lisa.

  • SusyQ

    C'mon, man, those pictures were taken in OCTOBER. Who knows what size she really is? Plus, that horrible outfit adds on at least 10 of those pounds.

  • Paul

    There is always Lady GaGa.

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