Kirstie Alley outside the Ed Sullivan Theater before her appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman (3/16)

Kirstie Alley isn't ruling out doing nude scenes. Oh. No. EVERYONE RUN!!! From her interview with PopEater:
Whether or not she'll pose in a bikini again: "After I did the bikini thing, it became sort of fashionable. I do need to think of a new gimmick. I can't do nude. I really don't want to go there, but if I could, I probably would."
Sorry Kirstie, but the only people who want to see you naked are bulimics that need help vomiting. If the rest of the world really wanted to see a bloated piece of worthless garbage, they wouldn't need to see Kirstie naked -- they'd check out the new Health Care Bill.

NOTE: For her nude body to be truly appreciated, Kirstie will have to star in a film where the majority of the audience actually likes looking at overweight white chicks . . . in other words, it'll probably be produced by Tyler Perry.

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