Jesse James is a Nazi?

This Jesse James Nazi stuff is really getting out of control. It's like the media is trying to create a story out of nothing. I mean honestly, who among us can say they've never donned a Nazi officer's cap and saluted der F├╝hrer?

[Us Weekly]
  • Anonymous

    I give nazi salutes all the time I am now a fan.

  • tsc

    ya'll are nuts. He's a fucking stud.

  • Robert

    He's not charming. So what the excuse?

  • The Oracle

    Women in love hear and see what they want to hear and see. Sandra would not be the first lady of class that was fooled by a charming bad boy.

  • Misty

    He looks quite a bit younger in this photo, it's entirely possible SB didn't know anything about it.

  • Deano

    I think this raises some serious questions about "America's Sweetheart".Did you not know he was a neo nazi ? I really dont buy the "he collects memorabilia"bullshit!!

    I think prove she isnt a racist she should have sex with Lexington Steele.Shaquille o Neal and Mike Tyson allat the same time

  • Anonymous


  • Tigers Wood

    Jesse, thanks for taking the spotlight off of me!!!

  • Yeah

    Dude should follow Hitler's lead and off himself and his mistress.

  • Caden Canyon ||||||||| Twitter

    It wasn't funny when Mel Brooks did a gazillion times and it wouldn't be funny IF JJ were JOKING about it. Only, he's _not_. He's a WhiteTrash racist.

    And Sandra HAD to have _known_ this. Her hands aren't clean, either.

    Then again, Sandra has some Ger|man in her.

  • v4vendetta14

    It was hysterical when Mel Brooks did it. Mel Brooks took the symbol of Nazi power and made it ridiculous. Kris Kattan did it on SNL with gay hitler. Absolutely hysterical. You are just an uptight twat! And blaming Sandra because she may or not have German in her? Instead of spending $600 on an Ipad, that will cost 300 in a few weeks, why don't you give some $$$ to charity and help real victims of genocide!!! Let me are sitting in a Starbucks drinking a Chai Latte, playing with your expensive toy, and being a cunt to the Barista.

  • master yoda

    Crap, now he'll have to go to Nazi-rehab.

    Bummer to have 2 diseases.

  • Anonymous

    He must have HATED seeing his wife act in the movie Blindside opposite a *gasp* black person!

  • v4vendetta14

    Who wouldn't?

  • Rudi Mentry

    A normal person?

  • KeithLDick

    Just look at the WWI Foker Airplane behind him... If it's a RC Gas powered one he's prolly playing like he's the Red Baron..

  • Pat_McGroin

    Exactly what was Sandra thinking? This guy exemplifies 'Total Fuckwit.'

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