Bombshell McGee topless!

Here's a topless pics of the chick Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with, "Bombshell" McGee. Or is it Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. I'm always messing up the formal titles of Queens, Princesses, and Dirty Dirty Whores. "Hear Ye, Hear Ye, I now present Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, Whore of Riverside County."

NOTE: To see the uncensored Kelly Bensimon topless pics, click the picture above and then click the "Full Size" button located at the top or bottom of the image.

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  • wqeqweqwe

    get rid of those bolt-ons! yuck!

  • Kevin

    Obviously all you haters (you know who you are) have never met or spoken to her, and are about as compassionate as rocks. I've never met Jesse or Sandra, so I can't talk about them, however this kid is human and as such is apt for mistakes. I have talked to her on multilpe occasions, and she seemed like a fun person; perhaps insecure, but few of us aren't. MOST of us are not perfect and make bad decisions for what seem to be the right reasons at the time, and who knows, maybe she was given the impression she had a serious shot at a real deal with Jesse. Often a man with a woman is infinitley more attractive to other women that a single loser who can't get a date, and that's a battle that goes on on most guy's in relationships lifes throughout recorded history. Don't tell me you've never lusted after someone else's squeeze. Is it just tat discrimination/ profiling, or what? I personally think she's hot, even though I don't care for tats on the face I don't make snap judgements because of hem



  • lina

    PS- why does everybody care about Sandra Bullock anyway? Before this people weren't even going to her movies...all of a sudden shes like Jen Aniston? No, she's not American sweetheart. She's not cute or with a great sense of style. She is prude and doesn't have a wild bone in her body....boring

  • lina

    I don't think anybody should be judging why this girl has tatoos or why she has fake boobs, or why she decided to have an affair with a married man. Nobody has no idea what she might have been through in her life, nobody has no idea what she has been told by lying James. Even if she wants to be famous - she is succeeding, the low way, but hey, money over men!!!

    Also, Sandra should think about little more plastic surgery...that nose job she had didn't really make a difference - just a suggestion. Michelle is appealing to a certain crowd of out of the norm people, including myself. Just because she doesn't obey the society rules doesn't meanm we need to be so mean and nasty. She is beautiful. Who cares about tatoos on her forehead. So what?

  • steve

    you all are crazy. This broad is smokin hot. Stop jumping on the hate bandwagon. Jesse is the moron, she just wanted to be famous. Who doesn't?

  • teach

    you cant spell at all can you donald? such a pity.....

  • drummerboy70

    she f*cked up her face with the ink.

  • rachelhope26

    I think shes pretty hot...and her boobs looks great if you ask me!

  • chris

    Sandra could do a lot better than jesse, but (imo) forfeited any reason to complain about infidelity when she opted for someone fitting the "bad boy" image. Congrats to her, she got the real thing. I think Sandra is a knock-out, always have. She has a rockin' smile, she's one of the few celebrities that I actually enjoy hearing speak, and is a fantastic actress. We train others how to treat us by what behavior we accept from them, or forgive them for... letting someone walk on you like that devastates the psyche. Strength comes from conquering, submission from being conquered.

    Maybe jesse can get another tattoo to make everything better. What a tool. He's a perfect match for the high-mileage trash that can't get the attention she needs via good looks. Not pretty enough to get ALL the attention when you walk into a room?? Get bigger boobs and cover yourself with tats. While Sandra has natural beauty, smarts, and talent... everything interesting about McGee was applied by a doctor or ex-con with an ink gun. Yawn.

  • anu

    sandra is a wack prude nerdy chick id bone this girl over her any day plus she probably swallows haha

  • NZRoy

    I'd take her for a dicky back ride

  • mike- So Cal

    horrible franken-tit boob job. nothing like the high quality ring around the nip tit job.

  • Anonymous

    I'm guessing everyone on here that is saying that she is ugly are a bunch of redneck bigots or uppity goody too shoes. Everyone has their own taste but in my opinion I would much rather have a hot tatted and pierced chick than to have a "mother" looking type. You're only calling her trailer trash cuz poor miss Sandra Bullock's man cheated on her. Maybe if she got some tats Jesse would want to bang her more often.

  • Frank Sincockra

    I guess those Long Beach guys who grow up in the biker/rat rod scene who are big shit like Jesse probably have been banging these types of sluts for years. Just imagine how many of these freak shows he has at his dispense? I mean, c'mon... He's been banging girls like this for decades. Just because he has a wedding doesn't mean the girls disappear? When any guy has hot/trashy/beat up/horny sluts lining up... It's gonna happen. Jesse has probably been with a thousand girls like this? It finally came out! It doesn't mean he's a piece of shit, he's human! Sandra should have known what she was getting into. I agree she's a nasty beat up skank, but Jesse probably has been banging these types of biker/hot rod tat'd up wanna be photoshoot babes forvever. I dont agree with it... But that's the lifestyle he lives!

  • Anonymous

    Can't be jizz her chest. It looks too light. Must be milk.

    Also, Sandra has been looking real fucked up in the face, and this bombshell looks at least somewhat better than her. Surely different, which may have been what Jess wanted.

  • Brian


  • steve

    is it me or dont it look like in someone just blew a load on her chest before this pic was taken ?

  • wild

    Sandra is way hotter, I have a lot of respect for her and Jesse but he was thinking with the wrong head, obviously dick head.

  • tloc

    What a waste of skin, she would be gorgeous without most of the ink. Imagine those tats at 65 years old all wrinkled and droopy - yuck.

  • ron

    you all are nuts...sandra is great, jesse is a complete douche for what he did...BUT...if you are going to cheat, at least go with a complete opposite of your wife, and wow...this woman is SEXY. I don't like tats, but you know she will seriously give you the ride of your life...

    with the great sex aside...what he did was utterly disgusting

  • TheOne&OnLy

    jesse james is stupid for cheating on beautiful sandra with this nasty excuse for a woman...yuck

  • edrambo

    maybe sandra is a fish in the sack, jess wanted a freak,she is not all that ulgy

  • scottm

    bad boob job, scared nipples, bummer.

  • Zeke

    Wow!! I'm falling in love with this woman. Is she not the emodiment of feminine charm, grace and family. I want this woman in the worst way to mother my children. We would have a mature and wonderful life discussing books,art and theater.

    Respectfully yours,

    Charles Manson

    Prisoner #346738369

  • miss ann

    Ugh! This tranny looking trick is ugly. Everything about her says SKANK. I've seen crack whores at the gas station better looking than this trash. Jesse James is an idiot. He deserves all the stds he got from this disgusting woman.

  • Kris can see her incision scars around her nipples and obviously the implants stretched a little too much since she has stretch marks (you can see more obvious ones in other photos)..she is skinny, pale, looks like a female version of Marilyn Manson. And her face is not even cute...what is wrong with Jesse James? and what is it with guys liking sleazy women????

    She is white trash bigtime!

  • jako

    I met this skank once when I was on the other side of a glory hole wall in the valley...

  • Ed V

    Jess is smokin crack obviously and that ugly bitch might want to the about relocating. CHARMA IS A BITCH

  • Billy Bibbitt

    .........Looks like some dried spooge on her tits and belly....

  • Anonymous

    Do...not...want...seriously this whole pic should have been labeled AHHHHHHHH and declared not safe for work...

  • Bob Hammet

    This thing looks like a sex change gone bad. OMG. How do you pick her over Sandra Bullock? You dudes who think she is hot are f&^*#$ing blind...

  • wild bill

    If you ever met sandy bullock in person, you'd understand JUST how bad jesse fucked up....she's a gorgeous, classy, unpretentious, dynamic woman....however, bombshell IS fuckable.....just not worth the risk, when you could come home to damn near perfection

  • elliot

    I dont know why everyones ripping on this, but this chick is a total babe, like holy shit shes fuckin hot... go Jessy

  • Anonymous

    You're ILL!

  • Donald Trump

    I also did this un-classy skank at a much more secretive (and classy) "WHITE POWER!" rally. She asked for an iron cross to stab at here damaged and leaky (and very un-classy) but hole. I had a very classy gold platted iron cross made and then wore a Jesse James Nazi Pride t-shit and went to work on her (again very classy and leaky)poop shoot. I left her in a dumpster and flew off in my very classy helecopter. I droped a load of my classy dung on here on the way out. She was heard to say "Yummy!" and "WHITE POWER!" as she ate my very luxurious classy poop.

    PS. Jesse James is dumb and not classy.

    PSS. Rosie O'donel is also not classy.

    PSS. Rosie O'donel is also fat. (and not classey at all.)

  • Bob the But Holer

    I did this skank in the pooper with an iron cross at a "WHITE POWER!" rally. Pretty shure she ate something with corn in it the night before.

  • Johnny Eumarr

    She doesn't look the least bit Irish.

  • Anonymous

    it says "prayer for us sinners" My homeboy Flaks tattoo'd her forehead. Visit Nitti's Tattoo Parlor in Chula Vista, Ca 619-427-NITI

  • Weeb Gumbar

    You can see the scars around her nipples from the breast augmentation surgery. She's got "Frankentitties."

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