Rachel Uchitel out and about in New York last December

Turns out that destroying someone's marriage has its benefits. Whore #1 Rachel Uchitel (aka "Ground Zero Whore") just got hired by Extra to be a correspondent. There goes any chance they had at winning a Peabody. From the New York Post:
Uchitel, who was interviewed last night by the show's Mario Lopez, "so impressed producers that she's been offered a job as a special correspondent," a rep told us. We're told she'll report for "Extra" on nightlife "hot spots." A show source added, "She won't talk about Tiger, but she talks about how she wants to find a husband and have kids. She only has a few real friends left whom she trusts. She is alone a lot and spends time with her two dogs. She seems very vulnerable."
If Rachel wants to "find a husband and have kids" she's going about it all wrong. Considering that she only dates guys who wear wedding rings, the only way she's going to be walking down the aisle anytime soon is if she becomes a polygamist or marries an 18th century Sultan. Of course, if Rachel insists on only dating married guys but still wants to have kids, there's still one surefire way these days to accomplish that goal . . . anyone know John Edwards' phone number?

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  • TheMoneyShot

    Her Fiance That Died In 911 Was Lucky!

  • Robert

    I dont have millions and millions

    but I am a real man

    know how to grow a garden

    raise my own meat


    run a cookstove split wood by hand

    money will fail

    america is going to fail

    I just want to find a woman that wants to be loved by one man for life

    if she has needs and wants sex three times a day

    so be it

    but be honest

    be loving

    care about her be faithful to her

    the worlds gone mad

    they have sold us a lying bill of goods

    in the end we all get old and then

    what do we really have when we are RICH and alone

    I just want to find a good woman that wants to be married and loved for REAL

    for LIFE


  • dawna


    still looking?


  • Robert
  • marcy dahlgren-frost

    these women weren't whore's. they would have loved tiger even if he washed dishes at red lobster. it was true true love.

  • dan

    she better get someone quick- because it's almost over for her, in a few years those goodies of hers will be dropping to low to be put on display for all to see.

  • Kim

    The tramp's ex-fiance is spinning in his grave because this whore does nothing but use his September 11 death for publicity. She was only upset she lost her meal ticket at the time and she would *gasp* have to actually get off her fat, ugly, lazy ass and get a job to support herself.

    Becky, she has no feeling and cares nothing for the feelings of other women and their children. Lives have been ruined and destroyed because this whore started the first step in all the other whores coming forward. She was paid to fuck him, paid to shut her mouth after she and her lawyer were blackmailing him, but STILL released the emails.

    If she doesn't care about anyone else's feelings and is clearly a sociopath, then why should any of us care about her feelings? She's not an impressionable 18-year-old girl just off the bus from her small town. This is a paid whore who has a history of having affairs with married me.

    Just now saw an interview she did on Extra saying she wants a man who is loyal. WHY THE HELL would any man be loyal to her when she's never once been loyal to anyone and is waiting until the right time to cash in and get paid?? She would never be loyal to any man because whores are not loyal. She gives a bad name to whores!! And what self-respecting man would ever marry that bitch?

    I have more respect for prostitutes and porn stars because that's their job. They do what they do, get paid, and go home to their families. This tramp hunts her victims looking for men who have the most to lose (wife and children), and starts her calculated plan of blackmailing and extorting them.

  • Becky

    This woman is a person and she has feelings. I think we all know that unless you are inside a relationship, you don't know the dynamics and therefore should not judge. The name calling and angry judgements on this blog say more about the issues of the writers than about Rachel.

  • Kim

    She's an STD diseased whore, trailer park, truck stop cunt. She only fucks wealthy married men or men already taken. She did a magazine interview once saying she wants a rich man to pay her bills and buy her a restaurant. Yeah because she's too lazy and can't get off her fat, ugly, lazy ass and work for the money. She's also lazy and doesn't want to work for the "fame".

    So she blackmails David Boreanaz and Tiger Woods who had pregnant wives at home. She was also with Derek Jeter who has been dating Minka Kelly for years.

    What self-respecting man would marry this hooker? What she's done to so many women and helped destroy so many marriages and homes will come back to bite her fat ugly ass. And why have children and destroy their lives by them going through live knowing their mother is a fucking cunt.

    What is she smiling about? She should be hiding and holding her head down in shame. There's nothing for this whore to be smiling about.

    She either fucked an Extra tv producer or has also blackmailed him too like she did Tiger Woods. I can't see her being this great sexual conquest. So maybe she was already having an affair with a married Extra producer and she and Gloria Allred blackmailed him to give her a job. But just like in Tiger's case, after Tiger paid her, she still released the emails.

    So to all the people on here who claim to know her and say she's a great person, you're also all degenerate trash. No nice person sets out and plans on destroying people's lives. She was having affairs with married men, she was paid to fuck married men, she blackmailed these married men, and STILL released the emails but claiming they were stolen.

    There isn't a single good thing about this cunt and she's dirty and ugly inside and out. She never loved Tiger. She only said it to get closer to his money. And he never loved her either but said what she wanted to hear.

    If a "man" marries her in the future, he will do to her what she's done to the wives she's helped in destroying their lives. She will also cheat on her husband because she's a WHORE and that's what whores do. She'll still be on the hunt for the next man who has more money.

    She called the cameras there to film her though she's an absolute nobody. "Look at me, look at me. I'm a hooker and helped destroy so many lives. Mamma told me as a child I'll never amount to anything and to just spread my legs. Mamma, look at me now. I'm "famous" now mamma!!!"

  • Meseret Hailu

    Well said!

  • Anonymous

    "she wants to find a husband and have kids"


  • ?

    who is the coward who wrote this article and did not include their name?

  • Ol Hank

    The truth in life is people are their behaviour. Really nice girls don't go around fucking married men and then go on tv to talk about it. Also, do you really think nice girls just walk around in their every day life with their tits falling out of their tank top.

    If this confirmed whore does find a man to marry her, you can be sure she will be out fucking someone else before the honeymoon is over.

  • ?

    Ol Hank, do you cheat on your wife and then blame the girl you cheat with?

  • lola

    She may be nice in real life, but you can tell how vain and conceited she is. I can't stand looking at her nose! How does she breathe out of that thing? Obvious nose job and it couldn't have been worse before.

  • buddhistgirl69

    SCORE: Whore= Fail, Husband Stealer= Fail, Getting the Check= Fail, this whore still has to whore herself out to get a payday=Fail !!!!!!!!! TOTAL SCORE= F A I L !

  • Logan

    goodness, i'll bet with those set of chompers, she can really chew up nice heavy cud....

  • curly gurl

    Let's get real- A "VIP Hostess"s is just a euphemism for a high class whore. Their "job" is to get rich, mostly married men to spend a lot of money buying overpriced drinks at "gentlemen's clubs" euphemism for strip joints, and that involves sleeping with them 95% of the time. Just becasue the price is higher doesn't change what she is or was. She may have been a nice girl once ,but when she made her "career change" she gave up that designation. Perhaps she will rehabilitate herself with this new gig if she doesn't have to sleep with men for money. I wish her the best, as she could not have felt good about what she did, since she jumped at the chance to do something else.

  • ?

    hey curly girl, how do you know these details?

  • TCH

    Vulnerable? Like the Bismark before it was sunk. And she is keeping the dogs close. I noticed the two puppies smashed together under her top.

  • wolf5150

    Nobody wants to listen to you talk! Just show us your sausage wallet!

  • TheMoneyShot

    Sloppy Floppy Sausage-Wallet!

  • Suzy

    Karma is coming her way. She should leave the sun glasses on... She is fugly without them. She looks like she's put on a few pounds.

  • m n

    she doesnt have to marry to have kids.

    she just needs to be in the right arena.

    go try the NBA.

  • Anonymous

    Easy dude, I know Rachel personally for years. She's a wonderful person.

  • TheMoneyShot

    I Know Her Too Just Like Many Many Men Doo!

  • Amanda

    Wonderful person? She fucks married men and goes on tv to talk about it. She's a attention whore.

  • ?

    miss perfect amanda...pay attention; she is NOT hired as a golf player correspondent!!!...

  • Gdrive

    What female isn't?

  • Peter Gozinya

    I know her too...as Tiger's #1 Whore!

  • ?

    you are posting slander

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