JWoww wants bigger tits 

Wow, I can't believe I'm writing a second story about this trollop in as many weeks. But where implant news goes, I follow. From the New York Post:
"Jersey Shore" is about to get bigger. Jenni "JWoww" Farley is planning another boob job to enhance her already enormous assets. She was spotted Friday visiting the Long Island offices of plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a breast specialist who also has offices on Park Avenue. A source told us, "She wants to get it done as soon as possible to be ready for the new season."
Can you really blame JWoww for wanting to go bigger? She's just trying to improve the one asset she has that her career depends upon. Do we badmouth a grad student when he goes back to school to increase the size of his brain? No! So let's not be too quick to chastise JWoww for going bigger, let's encourage her -- so that hopefully her tits will become big enough to serve the purpose we all want: block out Snooki.

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  • Thumbnail: JWoww Bigger Breast Implants 1
  • Thumbnail: JWoww Bigger Breast Implants 2
  • Thumbnail: JWoww Bigger Breast Implants 3
  • Thumbnail: JWoww Bigger Breast Implants 4
  • Thumbnail: JWoww Bigger Breast Implants 5
  • stupid survey

    how in the fuck could people rather spend a night with kourtney kardashian then kim,kim's sexy as hell and out of kim,kourtney and khloe.1.kim.2.khloe.Last-kourtney.Anyway i'd fuck jwoww so hard she's sexy!

  • spenny

    I wish she would do some porn. lol

  • jerri

    wow. funny how a little make up can make you look TOTALLY different! The first pic in that yellow trashy looking hooker shirt looks nothing like the other pics. are you sure thats her? im not

    Having big boobs isnt the problem. Wearing THAT shirt is the problem.

  • Cindy

    I'm sorry, last time I checked Oompa Loompa's with over-sized airbags weren't exactly my definition (or other sane people) of attractive.

  • ed

    Nothing else to offer. Must be terribly stupid. What a shame.


    Might as well go bigger.....doesn't matter how big they get,it'll never cover the fact that she uses bondo to cover the craters in that face.

  • giovanna colubia

    Hey girl, think you wanna pay attention to your stick like arms? Yeah leat's try to make you body somewhat proportioned.

    Get a trainer,or some DVD's,it;s not just titties girl! It' the whole package!You might wanna look into getting you some ass to go with the ta-tas.Yeah your are NOT balanced.(I think you can take that a # of ways).I mean them all

  • Chadwick

    wow the amount of hate in this article and posts is hilarious

  • steph

    y didnt her and pauly d get it on???

  • JWhoa

    even the biggest tits in the world aren't gonna fix that busted face.

  • Murphy

    No idea who this person is, but maybe she can get tits that are bigger than her head!

    LMFAO funny!

  • Anonymous

    White trash with a little bit of money for some nasty fake breast (maybe the breast are financed)

  • J.Ho

    LMFAO Paul-Eats-Cock! You can't get any more right on than that!!!

  • tony ray

    any single celeberty babes want to date a real sweet guy call me tony ray 713-689-9306

  • tony ray

    this chick has a great ass i want to fuck that ass

  • de stijl

    Hey, she needs something to distract from the meth face!

    What would be really canny, though, would Snookie getting surgery to look even more like Paul Sorvino than she does now.

  • salemcat

    She does! Never thought of that...

  • master yoda

    Sully + golden horseshoe + ass = Hero.

    The math. Had he NOT been lucky, they would have been screaming for his head.

  • Anon

    She needs to make them bigger and closer together because Chesley Sullenberger said he could have landed Flight 1549 between them if he had seen her.

  • JWrong

    She just makes me laugh and not in a "oh she's so funny" kind of way, in that "omg she's such an airhead and thinks she's hot" kind of way. Not jealous before anyone takes it there. I have my own implants, thank you very much, due to disfiguration but at least mine are porn-star wanna-be ginormous.

  • D@S

    wow good airbag's

  • TCH

    Stretch those fun bags.

  • v4vendetta14


    This girl is 1 stripper pole and 1 black guy away from getting even with daddy!!!

  • Paul

    JWoww rocks, she is the perfect modern American woman. This girl has IT. Although her breasts are awesome, improvements are always good. We need millions more women just like her. She is an inspiration to teenaged girls around the world.

    Someday, she should run for a high political office.

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