Josh Duhamel out and about in Santa Monica (1/30)

Remember the affair that Josh Duhamel had with that stripper last year? Baby Josh Duhamel, come on down! From the National Enquirer:
The busty stripper who said she had a wild fling with Josh Duhamel this past fall has made an outrageous new claim, telling friends that she believes she could be carrying his child! In a bombshell new development, exotic dancer Nicole Forrester has told pals that she's pregnant and is "95 percent certain" hunky Josh fathered her unborn child, The Enquirer has learned exclusively.

Speaking at her home in Georgia, the divorced mother of two told a friend: "Yes, I'm pregnant. Yes, it's probably Josh's. I haven't decided what I'm going to do."
She's "95 percent certain" it's his? Where did she come up with such a low number? Doesn't this Nicole chick realize that she can't become pregnant from giving handjobs in the champagne room or blowing the club manager for weekend stage time -- of course it's Josh's! That said, he better pray to God the kid isn't his. Because there's only one thing less likely than a trashy skank aborting her meal ticket: Tyra Banks not stopping in front of a mirror.

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  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Josh is an obvious homosexual.

    The only 'love child' she could have would be an ass-baby!

  • Caden Canyon (

    I've seen his nude photos. I hope if it's a boy, he's a GROWER and not a SHOWER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who new the Enquirer would end up having more credibility than our spoon fed news.

  • Anonymous

    maybe you all should stop stereotyping the south. it's not just trailers, greasy mullets, and miller high life in camouflage cans.

    thank you kindly.


  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson is a southern girl.

  • Anonymous

    Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears come from the south and they don't live in trailers. Besides Bud Lite is very popular.

  • barba

    LMAO! You are using Britney and her slutty sister Jamie as examples of the south not being trailer trash?? They are totally trailer trash with money. Britney is a tacky retard, and her sister is already onto man #2 and living with men at 16. If they did not have money from their trashy mom pimping her untalented Britney, who can't sing or dance, they would be back down south in a trailer park with their illegitimate kids and Britney's insane behavior.

  • Lisa

    This is pathetic...maybe he should not be judged until a paternity test is done. People seem to forget that this is the woman who decided that his wife needed to find out about the supposed affair through the tabloids. Maybe the benefit of the doubt should be given here.

  • sandra

    I feel sorry for Fergie. She is a sweet person who believed in this cad.

    He cheated on his ex with Rebecca Budig from All My Children. Then his ex dumped him, and he went after Fergie like 6 months later, and as soon as he had her, he started doing the slut extras that work on Las Vegas.

    Now that he 'spread his pollen', he can go and live in the trailer park with his white trash lover and Fergie can keep her mansion.

    She can get an annulment and move on from him.

  • vera

    Finally he gets caught. He has been cheating forever on poor Fergie who loves him like crazy! He cheated with the fugly Annelise Vanderpool, and with women all over the place.

    He wanted a family, and was too selfish and horny to wait for Fergie his wife to finish touring, so he does a pig stripper.

    Now his first child will be be a retard, ugly and white trash hillbilly. Fergie will not want to be connected to that trash.

  • Ol Hank

    You play, you pay.

  • A Believer

    A man needs to spread his pollen. If he is a stong man he needs to spread it amoung as many flowers as possible.

    A man is allowed three wives and as many concubines as he wants. His wives must obey and be subserviant to his wishs. They can be happy that their Master's pollen is strong and will produce many strong sons and daughters.

  • TCH

    Nut job in Georgia.

  • jakie

    Well, he has had rumors of being a cheat throughout his whole relationship with Fergie, and now he is literally going to pay for it. What an asshole! He has a gorgeous, successful and sweet wife who he adores, so he picks up some ugly, retarded hillbilly and screws her!

    Fergie needs to dump him big time and let him deal with his new trailer trash family if this is his kid.

  • Anonymous

    It just proves that he is manly and potent.

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